Thursday, July 23, 2020

NLP Milton Model Presuppositions | NLP is Fun

Neuro linguistic programming Milton Model Presuppositions 

Hello, today on this NLP is Fun I will cover NLP Milton Model Presuppositions.
A Milton Model Presupposition in Neuro linguistic programming is defined as 
"Something which has not been stated but is assumed to be included for the whole statement to be understood properly".

1. Subordinate clauses of time
Before, After, During, As, Since, Prior, When, While .... etc

  • Before you completely relax, remember to close your eyes and take a deep breath ..
  • After you have enjoyed the full effects of this session you will notice this problem has become a thing of the past.
  • During Trance you know the feeling of comfort will increase probably before you have even noticed 

2. Ordinal Numerals
Another, First, Second, Third etc ...

  • Another 10 minutes will make all the difference to perfecting this steak
  • First, sit comfortably inside the Trance Chair and then allow the magic to happen
  • Second, now that you have decided to completely relax just enjoy the sensation.

3. Use of Or 
  • The Word "Or" between the given choices
  • Do you prefer your Chocolate drink Cold or Hot
  • Will you design the patio later today or tomorrow
  • Does going in a trance now or going all the way down later interest you the most  

4. Awareness predicates
Know, Aware, Realize, notice ... etc

  • You may know more about solving this problem than you once felt
  • You might be aware that everything is now changing
  • Do you realize going into a trance even now is simpler than ever, relax

5. Adverbs & Adjectives 
Deeply, Easily, curious, about ... etc 

  • A person can even go deeply in to trance without even knowing how their unconscious mind works
  • There is no need to struggle to go into trance instead you may experience it easily now
  • I know you are curious about going into Trance aren't you 
6. Change of time Verbs and Adverbs 
Begin, End, Stop, Start, Continue, Proceed .. etc

  • As soon as you begin to notice you are relaxing you will be enjoying the sensation of a light trance
  • In the end the result is even more important than the process, isn't it
  • You can stop enjoying the healing effect of trance at any time, you know

7. Commentary Adjectives & Adverbs 
Fortunately, Luckily, happily ... etc

  • Fortunately, you know how you can relax all by your self
  • Luckily for you are a great trance subject, and you flop straight into trance
  • Isn't it nice to see how Happily you make the best choice for yourself

I hope this was as much fun for you, as it was for me. Let me know how easily you use this and how quickly your results improve now.

There are many blog posts for you to enjoy here so get stuck in and learn something else NLP is Fun isn't it and this NLP Blog specializes in simplifying Neuro linguistic programming one chunk at a time.

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