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100 Reasons to Learn NLP | Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP Training | NLP is Fun

100 Reasons to Lean NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming 

Become a Practitioner of  NLP - Neuro Lingistic Programming Training in Las Vegas 

Learn NLP and change your llife changing experience

As many of you know I am also a Firm Believer in Self Hypnosis, and I recently wrote "More than 100 reasons to learn Self Hypnosis" take a look.

Now I know that some of you already know what Hypnosis is, but do you know what NLP is  ?
In case you are wondering how exactly, in fact it will change your life, or how to use it for the best
I have made a list of 100 reasons to Learn NLP for those who are in the process of learning more  about knowing NLP will change your life. This is only just scratching the surface mind you. There can be thousands more reasons that you will find in your own opinion.

1. You will truly feel great, perhaps properly for the first time ever in your life
2. You will finally be able to change your moods quickly and effectively
3. You will feel Empowered for the simple reason you know exactly how to feel better about anything
4. You will begin a journey of understanding yourself 
5. You will now experience people's behavior in a way that doesn't frustrate you 
6. Your Impossibles become Possibles
7. You will see peoples behavior as clues to learn more about how to connect with them
8. People will suddenly think of you as a person who can read their mind
9. You will be able to understand what is not beings said and qualify it
10. You will know how other people actually make a decision 
11. You will know how to motivate any individual after spending just a few moments with them
12. You will become an expert communicator
13. You will know how to continuously Improve yourself
14. You will know what a "Meta monster" is 
15. You will be able to adopt the successful habits of others and get similar results for yoursef easily
16. You will know what questions to ask to get to the real answers you want
17. You will know how to predict a persons next move
18. You will learn how to communicate with a difficult person and influence them to adopt new behavior 
19. You will have the tools to change your whole life, for the rest of your life
20. You will be able to help other people change their minds and their actions too
21. You will be able to do more than you ever thought you could with what you had before
21. You will become better at games theory including Poker and other strategic games
22. You will be able to turn an argument into an agreement
23. You will know how to be be more popular than you are now
24. You will know how to calm yourself down and be confident in a highly stressful situation
25. You will know how to overcome any fear of Phobia
26. You will learn how to really engage with anyone in a short space of time (even those you don't care for) 
27. You will learn what your own problems are and the necessary steps to solve them 
28. You will know how to be a better partner, family member, Employee, Employer than you were before
29. You will find a way to apply NLP and gain success in all your situations as they show up 
30. You will learn how to encourage yourself from the inside out, even on a "Bad" Day 
31. You will know how to go from Goal Setting to actual action each step by step
32. You will know how to motivate others to achieve results with win win outcomes 
33. You will know when and how to speak in a conversation
34. You will Understand much more about what is not being said in communication and why that is important
35. You will know exactly how to make the best decision for yourself
36. You will become a better parent, and relate to children even better than before
37. You will know how to ask for what you want and get it, without having a tantrum with anyone
38. You will Learn how to understand what makes any person more energized, happy and accommodating
39. You will know how to use your own mind more effectively Improving each and every day 
40. You will know how to turn people on or off, you and your ideas
41. You will be able to convince people of things they should or should not do by using their own objects
42. You will be able to use Non verbal communication to persuade other people to make better choices
43. You will be able to suggest unconscious ideas to people that they then act on (for their own good)
44. You will be able to Negotiate more powerfully than ever before 
45. You will learn how to listen to a persons words to know how they secretly feel about their choices
46. You will know when a person is really into you and tuned in and how to keep them there
47. You will know how to find out the real thing a person is afraid of in a negotiation or sale
48. You will know how to gain the tools to improve any business or personal relationship in your life
49. You will know how to get noticed when you were used to being overlooked before
50. You will know how to be appealing to the opposite sex even if you don't consider yourself good looking
51. You will learn how to instantly energize yourself even when you are really tired or down 
52. You will learn how to gain friends easily in any social setting 
53. You will learn how to stop a negative thinking loop that kept you stuck for years in seconds 
54. You will know how to create a vortex of helpful emotions in another person at the drop of a dime
55. You will Learn how to become a better Presenter than before
56. You will Learn how to become easier to get along with no matter how awful you were before
57. You will learn how to change your paradigm quickly changing unhappy programming once and for all
58. You will be able to gauge when you are being effective and when you are not and when to Shift gears
59. You will be able to use language patterns that influence people instantly
60. You will be able to improve your critical thinking and become more resourceful by habit
61. You will be able to reprogram a troubling past event or memory to something much better
62. You will be able to change how you are connecting to your emotions when you are Angry, Sad or Mad
63. You will be able to enjoy better sexual experiences, including gaining more pleasure each time 
64. You will learn how to gain a more youthful appearance, and turn over a new leaf  
64. You will learn how to kick a Rotten habit that you no longer want
65. You will learn how to become the most Influential and persuasive person you know
66. You will learn how to read faster gaining more understanding than ever before
67. You will learn how to become the voice or reason in times of extreme pressure
68. You will know what buttons to push in order to get a direct pleasing win win result
69. You can change the way you are behaving even if you have been doing it for a lifetime
70. You can change your life from fearful to cheerful 
71. You can help a person to feel calm in an extreme emergency 
72. You can help a child to learn better in spite of any learning disability
72. You can help somebody who is stuck in an addiction 
73. You can overcome an addiction yourself
74. You can Make learning anything more interesting and appealing
75. You can teach teams to work well together
76. You can help managers become for effective leaders 
77. You can become more productive personally and professionally, finally overcoming procrastination
78. You can create an agreement of peace even with an Enemy 
79. You can learn exactly how to ace any interview
80. You can learn how to profile the right personality for the right job 
81. You can become a better Physician, Dentist, Nurse, P.A,NP, Hospital Staff
82. You can become a better Entertainer, Actor, Performer of any kind
83. You can learn how to reduce your own stress and start a fresh each time
85. You can learn how to manage your time better
86. You can learn how to be a better Artist, Musician, Dancer
87. You can mend rifts in broken relationships and get them flowing nicely again
88. You can learn how to lead people to do better and want to follow your lead 
89. You can learn how to modify or stop your intake or Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Cigarettes, Sweets
90. You can learn how to change the emotional impact of people who criticize you
91. You can learn how to overcome fears that have held you captive for far to long
92. You can Learn how to achieve the results you want each time and with precision
93. You can get control of your own life with real tools to commit to take daily action   
94. You can impress Everyone that knew you before you were this progressive
95. You can read people's eye expressions and know where they are going in their brain for answers
96. You can create a life story that makes you feel happy and empowered
97. You can Help other people in their lives in a way that changes their whole experience
98. You can shift your thinking that changes how you do everything, and you can keep fine tuning it
99. You can Finally Live the life you were afraid to dream of before
100.You can dare to begin to experience your best year ever

Of course if this doesn't wet your appetite then Email me and I will come up with a vault of reasons specific to you personally and how your own lifestyle will improve after learning NLP.
And for sure for sure keep coming to the NLP is Fun Blog and Learning NLP from the archives of here and also on 4reel NLP You tube channel.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

About Persistence

"By the Time you achieve success in your endeavor you will already know the value of persistence" - Nadia Harper.

One of my absolute favourite sayings is "persistence over resistance" I first heard that from Oprah whom I greatly admire many years ago. I have learned so much from her and for the last 20 years or so she has been one of my Act as if  mentors.

Another "Act as if" Mentor is Nelson Mandela who set the Bar high for those who walk a long road of persistence.
Can you imagine what it took to stay in jail for his cause 27 long years. A positive Leader who went on to gain the Nobel Peace prize because he ended apartheid and became the first Black South African President who inspired and continues to inspire our own great Leaders all over the world.
President Nelson Mandela continued to have great hope and not fall for all the temptations of giving up his cause to be released from jail.

He has a Clear Vision, Strong Belief and Undeniable Values. One of his quotes is:
 " With freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk has not ended".

This is much different than Trying.
This is Persisting against all odds.

When you are working on executing a Goal part of the planning process of your strategy should be knowing how to hang on in there when things aren't going according to plan.

You can us the T.O.T.E Model as an outline for any of your strategies to success.
Test - Find out the Trigger
Operate - Apply the Intervention
Test - Loop to see if it gives desired result - Keep going until you get it
Exit - When A OK finish and exit

Resistance takes a toll on anyone and is inevitable at some level. Having the energy and mental stamina to hold on and become creative with solutions is  a mandatory part of most any successful process.

The largest part of this is mental mastery knowing how to keep yourself together, How to keep your mind sharp and your Physiology strong and working in your favour.

The Value of persistence speaks volumes about your character, persistence is a discipline that will change your life. It ups your self belief and increases your own self worth.

You can count on your own persistence when you are able to get your mind around it and made up your mind about achieving your desired end result.
Persistence is not for the faint of heart.

What will you persist at today, instead of throwing in the towel when you meet with resistance.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

NLP - Overlapping Rep Systems | NLP is Fun

NLP practitioners are great Storytellers, we engage people via stories that help others change their own internal experience.
Frequently through people imagining themselves in better situations which begins the process of change.

This is Important for everyone who has a desire to succeed.

The Representative systems give us exceptional juice to access Gestalts, bundles of sensory information which make quick work out of having a person connect to an experience and change how they are processing it to create the feeling they are feeling.

Not only That, it gives a sense of experience like it is really happening as you amplify the Representation systems..

From time to time people may tell us "I cannot make pictures", hear sounds, smell etc... has that ever happened to you ?

Or maybe you have been working on a pattern and felt unable to access intensity in a rep system you are less familiar with.

You can train your mind as you practice and familiarize yourself with all rep systems because this is exceptionally useful. We all know Mental drills intensify experience and our mind becomes used to the unconscious programming we loop over and over again.

I will show you how to Overlap your rep systems which is really easy and you will notice, improves with practice.

Let's Do it !
If you are working with another person who seems to be struggling with accessing a rep system:
In this Example the person is strong visually and we are introducing Auditory rep systems into their experience.

You will use your own appropriate rep systems when you do this pattern for yourself.
If you want to learn more about NLP you may want to see this actions speak louder than words.

#1 Gain congruent agreement
Ask them to make sure you have got it right, "so you are saying you are having a hard time with __________________"
a) And you would love to
b) And you feel excited about this prospect
c) And you are congruent in this
d) And you know exactly why this will be useful and important to you
e) And you are ready to now

#2 Begin with favorite Rep system Intensify then Introduce another.
a) (Visual): Great and I bet you can see yourself enjoying this entire process as if you were watching a vivid sunset on a sandy beach with palm trees swaying to and fro, the waves roll in and out as you take the whole scene into your mind.
b) Are you seeing that now
c) (Auditory): Good , and even though it is a peaceful day their is a rustling in the trees as they dance and sway in time to the natural noises of the seaside ..
d) Can you hear that now

# 3 Begin to fuse it by overlapping the intensified experience.
a) Just listen to the rippling of the waves as they tease the toes of the mothers and children paddling before dusk just look at the children, happily giggling and squealing in delight
b) Notice how the colors of the sunset are slowly changing, orange, yellow, crimson, purple and what shapes can you see in the clouds
c ) If you close your eyes I bet you can still see and hear everything including what you hadn't noticed before.
d) How about that, lots to see and hear isn't there

#4 Future Pace and Test 

Remember you can always change habits and patterns that make you unhappy.

Being trained in Neuro linguistic programming affords you a massive tool set to play with.What do you want to do next with your NLP Training You could always do one of these or all of them actually.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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Monday, November 12, 2012

How to turn a Mistake into a learning experience with NLP | NLP is Fun

Making a mistake is part of being human, And sometimes we may make the same mistake over and over again. The worst part is sometimes we get so frustrated about our behavior that we tend to beat ourselves up about it on the inside.

Which isn't really very kind and has the opposite effect of being productive. sometimes it will even deter us from even trying new things because we keep making the same mistake over and over again. and then playing it in our mind movie over and over again.

Don't get stuck in a rut focusing on the wrong thing, for example focusing on failure is not helping anything. It continues to disconnect us from the process of changing.

Blaming other people for our own feelings as well as worrying about what other people think about our mistakes is a massive drain of energy and can really pull you out of focus with your original intention.

Make sure you are OK and learn how to be kind to yourself. When we hold higher significance to how bad the problem is we can remain stuck and lose focus of the solution.

Self acceptance and Self love are such important parts of moving on. Quite often once we adopt an attitude of "I accept that I have done this and I don't want to do this anymore" we are forming a new relationship to the problem and have already began the process of moving away from the behavior.
There is a lesson in all of our behavior and it is quite possible we haven't learned our lesson yet.

Even if you continue to make the same mistakes it will feel different while doing it, and reduce the intensity of this behavior until it changes completely.

Mistakes really are just positive learning experiences when you think of it. Everything about this next exercise helps you to unconsciously re frame your behavior and intention.

I am certain you will enjoy this, I used it earlier today and worked through a bothersome experienced which now makes perfect sense to me This pattern is very quick to do and very simple.
I recommend you get a pen and a few sheets of paper or your Diary, Today you are going to be your own coach.

Give it a go, towards the end of it, you will begin to understand in a new way of experiencing, this will be different to how you were experiencing before. Now you can do more of this and less of that ..

The Pattern:

# 1 Identify the Compulsive behavior / Habit
a) Specify what it is
b) Look for a Partner
i.e this causes that - Like I only smoke when I drink or I Always spend too much money when I am with Tracy

# 2 Identify the limiting belief you have that supports this pattern
a) Identify the Belief, or beliefs (my be multiple supporting this behavior)
b) Find out if you are focused on the Habit instead of content (which holds the info in this case) sometimes missing the forest for trees.
c) Find out if a higher Value / Belief / Need override this pattern

#3 Have you ever experienced anything similar
a) make a list of other places this pattern shows up in your life - you may be surprised to notice it as a constant theme in a certain area.
This will also match the supporting limiting beliefs in #2

#4 Compare it to a worst case scenario
a) What could be the absolute pits compared to what you are doing now, how much worse could it be.
b) Find some gratitude in that experience

#5 What are the positive By products of this experience
a) step back and gain a big picture of any positive benefits from this experience
b) Go deeper and look for more gratitude

#6  Understand the Positive Intentions in this Experience Fully
a) Understand exactly what these positive learning's are
b) Is there a way to understand other peoples intentions in this experience positively now
c) List what other peoples positive intentions were in your new understanding

#7 Find some positive meaning to the whole thing
a) Positive meaning #1
b) Has your experience changed on a certain level
c) How has your life improved because of meaning #1, 2, 3 or however many positive meanings you found
d) Are you finding your mind has changed in another level too
e) Can this discoveries show up in other areas of your life to change those positively too

#8 Time to Re - Edit using your brand new positive insights
a) Run through the mistake using your new positive editing tools
b) Notice how you feel now

#9 Future Pace and Edit as necessary
Do you know thoughts are a little bit like pebbles in that we have so many of them some bigger and some smaller,who can keep count. 
Would you say most of your thoughts are helping you or hindering you ?

Remember when people stop making pain a priority, your mind wanders toward pleasure at every opportunity.

Since you enjoyed this NLP Blog please share it with somebody else who can benefit too. NLP is Fun has a great archive of useful information you can find tons of Brain food here, if you want to change your mind and your life. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Listen .. just say no to People Projects | NLP is Fun

Wow, the weekend is finally here and end to what has been a busy week of catching up. Last week I was down for a whole week without being able to use my voice. Fortunately I was still able to Coach via Email  and write all the articles that were due.

It Is interesting that when you are unable to speak to people you learn how to choose words very carefully.
It was especially interesting because at our Last NLP Is Fun Practice group we ended our exercise in a discussion of how important it is to listen and not always offer advice even when you have the perfect words to say.

In many ways I think we will do better to take that advice to our own heart, instead of being so preoccupied with "Saving" others or taking on another "People Project" that leaves us drained of our own energetic resources and doesn't help a person to find their own answers within.

This weekend I plan to luxuriate in myself .. a visit to the depths of me if you like using The Self love Process of course.
Whatever you are doing make it great. If you like this NLP Blog then be sure to share it with more people who will benefit too.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NLP - Reading in to it | NLP is Fun

Many times people ask me what NLP Books should they read and I think different people are best suited to different Books.
I guess what I really mean is, it depends on a persons reading patterns at the time this will help me decide what  book I will recommend.
Often if I am coaching or Tutoring a person I will include steps to increase reading stamina over time.

Even If you are just starting out with NLP and want a book that you can glance through Daily I have already mentioned Entrancing Tales by The English sisters in another post.
Because the more you dip into it the better you feel, also it makes a great book to throw in a bag to take to work as a pick me up no matter what your level in NLP.

As you have perhaps encountered many people find it a challenge to sit through a dense book overloaded with facts but very little glue to captivate an audience.
And we all know a change of mind is usually a change of heart too, so feeling great is the perfect kick starter to a new way of doing things.

I list Books I like to do with NLP, in the NLP is Fun Bookshop so people can also decide which book to read next and add to their collection.
Because I think it is quite important to build an NLP Library, certainly with all of the classics which in time a person will enjoy as they understand more about NLP.

When I first started studying NLP I wanted everything I could get my hands on about NLP,nowadays I have most all of the NLP Books I like But I recently added 3 Amazing NLP Books which I must review for you soon and in detail.

1. Doug O'Brien - Sleight of Mouth
2. Joseph Riggio - The state of Perfection
3. Peter Parkes - NLP for Project Managers

Needless to say I am almost Trembling in anticipation to share because I am thrilled with all three.

I am an Avid reader and have collected about 700 Books so far. Most of these Books are about NLP/ Hypnosis/Business/Influence/Persuasion/Healing/Change/Energy/Prosperity/Sales/Behavior/Neuroscience etc.

My intention is to create a proper library in my home where the room is based around the Books and not the other way around ... where the Books are overflowing and taking up all the room in my office.
Here is another Book that I was sent recently which I really like.
It is written by Tom Oberbichler who is an NLP Trainer, NLP Coach and also a Writing coach, and it is called Feel Wonderful Now.
Seriously, what more can you ask for, who doesn't want to be wonderful ?
Do you like the Pivot Grammar Tom uses on his logo ?

Tom, who is from Vienna and he is a perfect example of what he writes about, which is, exactly how to get the most out of your life and enjoy an emotionally healthy experience no matter what.
It is a great book filled with simple everyday NLP techniques to experience and begin to feel great instantly.
Kind of like this NLP blog really :)

I love reading tips from people who have "cracked it" for themselves and are "walking the walk and talking the talk" Tom is about as authentic as they come and I really like that. 
It is an appealing characteristic in my book. Now him and his longtime life partner Chris Pape are really interested in helping you get a peace of mind for yourself, and keeping NLP accessible to all who want a positive change.

You can connect with Tom on his Amazon page where you can order a copy of his book on Kindle while is is on sale here is what he says:

Quoted Text from Tom's Bio
"Joy and happiness are two wonders that keep increasing all the time, the more we share them! So I am delighted to share my experiences, skills and abilities with my books, trances, workshops, and coaching with more and more people.
I love people and the world we all are a part of.
I know that true and sustainable success can only be achieved in interacting and cooperating with other people".

I wish Tom & Chris every success with the Book and for those of you abroad his book is in German and his Kindle version is in English.

Give it a try, while it is on sale, you will thank me later.
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Friday, September 7, 2012

NLP | The Disney Strategy | NLP is Fun

The Disney Strategy was modeled by Robert Dilts and is based on Walt Disney who had an extraordinary strategy for his business process and in bringing his Imaginations Into Animation.

can read more about that here. Of course this is an incredible method to use for business planning and execution.

The Pattern:
Begin with creating Three states which are:
1) The Realist
2) The Critic
3) The Dreamer

Each of which will be represented with spatial anchors, these will be used to install each of these resourceful states in later use.
Mark the three spaces out on the floor and then go through each one as outlined below.

Step 1.
What is it I want to create – The Creative Visual Dreamer / Creative Genius 
Begin to Create the spatial anchor: relive a past memory of a time of heightened creativity from your past.
As you reach the peak of that experience you will Spatially anchor this state and "Step into" the Dreamer" Spot

Next, engage in this powerful feeling using all of your resources and while fully experiencing this Amplified feeling.
Begin by answering the question:
What is it I want to create” ?
Use your whole imagination and fully engage and brainstorm as many possibilities as you can think of without restraint for this idea.
Think of the overall big picture while fully engaging in all sensory representations.

Now Construct your new Imaginations as it relates to the question "What is it I want to create" ?
Engage in all the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic aspects from a 1st Perceptual Position (which is fully associated through your own eyes) - This will be your own intimate perspective as a full on sensory experience.
And a 2nd perceptual position –  Which is an observers additional perspectives which may add more ideas.

State as you step out.

Step 2.
How will I bring these imaginations to Life – The Realist / Organizer
Now remember a time when you excelled in a position of a planner, you were extremely organized more so than ever before the ultimate planner, when at your peak of the experience begin to Step into The Realist Position.

As you fully engage into your Action state with all of your needed resources organize your imaginations into concrete plans, sort through what is actually possible with the resources you have available. Create a time line and a sequential action plan fully engage in the feeling part of this process to bring it to life.

Then Construct your current Visualization by engaging VAK from 1st position to 2nd perceptual Position – An outsiders perspective which allows you to gain a second look at the Idea from a completely new unbiased perspective.

State as you step out of Realist position.

Step 3.
Look for any holes in your Plan – The Internal Auditor / The Project Manager 
Step Into a time when your were able to constructively analyze a situation and move the process into fruition. Create your spatial anchor by fully activating the state of being the inspector and finding flaws in a process ahead of time. Employ a solution based approach. When you are at your peak of the experience begin to Step into The Critic Position.

Now it is time to begin to walk through each aspect of your plan and inspect and test for any future inconvenience or inconsistencies. This is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself do I have a plan b or how will I overcome any hurdles along the way.
This helps to understand your true commitment level to the process right upfront.

Test your plans until you achieve your outcome with an internal Digital Auditory Inspection. Here you will become the project manager fine tuning the overall project and every detail for improvements every single step of the way

The Visualization experience can be further enhanced to a bigger picture / larger experience by engaging VAK from a 3rd perceptual Position with an overview of each of the 1st and 2nd perceptual positions.

State as you step out.

Use The “Act As if” frame to help you with your Mental Drills and or using a Role model to help you achieve fully associated states d you cannot connect to a previous experience.

VAK = Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic sensory experience or Gestalt of emotion

Use the Tote Model as you:
  • Test
  • Operate
  • Test
  • Operate
You can use this for any decision making process or strategy.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NLP - Semantically Charged Words | NLP is Fun

Let us have some wickedly simple fun while remembering something we can make use of every day.

This pattern I am sure you are already using, so now I will bring it to the forefront of your mind and then you can use it even more deliciously.

We can add emphasis to our statements by using this pattern for an extra zest. The Emphasis word is meant as an extended descriptive or amplification of meaning.

These additions are well partnered with the appropriate energy and Tonality for a thoroughly congruent transmission.

This is great for Hypnosis of any kind and helps to express a suggested emotion to set the tone in the statement.

I'll bet you are looking forward to getting home once and for all and truly enjoying a peaceful night of well deserved restful sleep in your own bed for a change.

I am so Psyched about Tuesday aren't you I can hardly wait

The kids will be thrilled to see their new Bikes when they get back

The dinner last night was Amazing in every sense of the word

You are going to be so stoked to see what I have for you this time

You can Totally notice her transformation

He sounded Completely different

They are entirely exclusive to this area

She is such a sweetheart

Seriously take a bite you will love it

I have underlined the Charged additions, now your turn I am certain you will have fun making some of your own

Work it and achieve it you can still Kill it in 2015 with us and get amazing results get this 4 week NLP Online Coaching course.

Boom. Let's Go !
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Love is All we Need | Changing Neurology | NLP is Fun

How to Reach Peak states and Change your Neurology with NLP
NLP Has the Power to change your Emotions (State as we call it in Neuro Linguistic programming) so Efficiently. 

Emotions Much of the Time are conditioned responses anyway and are truly responses to subjective perceptions of our Experience.

How about you, have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend feeling Bad ? 
Or are you already spending most of your time benefiting from the Power of NLP. 

Richard Bandler Co Creator of NLP says you can learn how to feel good for absolutely no reason at all. 

Years ago I really got this and started studying exactly how Moods affect our Behavior, Motivation, Action and Results.

I found something super significant, in so many different people. 
It was all about Love. The Effects of Love are the most Powerful and underrated Power up juice ever. 

For instance, Did you know:
Your Heart and Mind work as one interchangeable unit ?
and have you noticed that sometimes you might completely swear off doing a thing and as soon as somebody says the right thing, it initiates the right feeling and you can change your mind.

You suddenly feel completely different about it.
Have you heard the expression "There is a thin line between love and hate"?.

Have you ever had an argument with a family member and been furious or deeply hurt, perhaps even convinced that you will never be vulnerable again with them. And then all these feelings magically dissolve and your moods change once you get an apology or a hug.
So much so that you may even feel guilty, for being cross in the first place.

Your heart can also change your body chemistry, your moods and even your well being.
The next time you feel, sad disappointed or Mad. Just think for a moment about your heart and how wonderful it is.

Then take a moment to remember a time when you felt extremely loved or the King of them all "In - Love" at the peak of a loving relationship. You will very soon notice your feelings change and begin to flow in a direction.

Remember, since it is all in your mind anyway, you can spin feelings as much as you like.
Love is the most powerful of all emotions it can make you feel super strong or even crumple up in a heap in the corner somewhere.

Of course if you have Self love and you are familiar with living a Lifestyle using "The Self love Process" you won't want to stay in a heap on the floor. You will want to live a life full of rich peak experiences.

Find out how to get the Self love Process Coaching here 

Let us see what else we can do to change our emotions by focusing on Love, truly we can access our mind through our heart and we can access our heart through our mind. Just think about it.

The next step is begin to add some juice to those feeling moving in a certain Direction we have spoken before about  taking 15 minute Happiness Breaks to get a great mood going.

Looking forward is a great way to remember to plan things that work out well for you and create good moods more often.

I hope you have a great deal of fun playing with this and then you create a great Resource Anchor when you need it the most.

Looking at the sad bits in the past can often mean a person will miss out on their present.
If you can't think of your last lovey dovey feeling to open your heart and mind then use this exercise which is really useful to recreate a piece of your own history.

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Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

Have you always wanted to be a Licensed and Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming Our Next NLP Practitioner Training can be found here Thank you for Reading.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

100 Reasons to learn Self Hypnosis | NLP is Fun

There are easily More than 100 Reasons to learn Self Hypnosis| NLP is Fun 

While many of you may have a vague idea already, formulating in your own mind about the benefits and Value of Learning Self Hypnosis, I would like to give you a helping hand in understanding the importance of Knowing and using this skill.

Nikola Tesla used Mind power to Invent and use his Mathematical Genius
As you begin to gain control of your own mind, and your options change completely.

Self Hypnosis is a vehicle at your own disposal you can do with it what you will, once you know exactly how to activate your own Mind control.
While my list may be thorough with over 100 Reasons I have by no means even scratched the surface in over 100 ways of just how we can use Self Hypnosis to program our own mind for our own best interest.

How would you like to even achieve 10 things on this list, just Imagine how your life will change for the better wouldn't that be Good.
The truth is, we can all benefit from a little self improvement. 
With Self Hypnosis the only limit is our own Imagination.

Nothing is Off Limits.

Before we proceed, If you begin for just a moment to think of your mind as a loyal dog who wants to please you more and more in anticipating your need, then you are surely getting on the right track.
Your mind can automatically help you and fulfill your hearts desires once it truly begins to understand what exactly it really is, that your heart desires.

Truly learning Self Hypnosis can be the Golden Ticket then to a life that were before now completely unavailable to you for lack of know how.
For instance how would you feel, waking up in the morning after a restful nights sleep, and as you slept peaceful on a bed of contentment, your mind was continuing to sort and organize information for your good.
So that even as you woke in your first few moments you felt a feeling of fulfillment, purpose and joy.

Some people claim to know Self Hypnosis, and yet are not making any progress in the areas they say they desire improvement.
Once you know how to simply activate your own Self Hypnosis you too will begin to reap the rewards.

Here are over 100 ways in which you can start to enjoy self Hypnosis remember we are only just scratching the surface:

  • You can begin to relax and release stress
  • You can program your mind to be more resourceful
  • You can flush out Idle self sabotaging self talk
  • You can become congruent in your actions
  • You can learn how to connect to your mind and your body for alignment and peace
  • You can gain objective perspective in a problem at work or or home
  • You can create positive directional movement in a challenge or problem
  • You can Kick a Habit that is no longer useful
  • You can create a state of Prosperity, Health and well being
  • You can begin to focus on self acceptance of your finer qualities
  • You can rekindle your love for an old skill and improve on it
  • You can release pain from the past and learn forgiveness
  • You can build a belief in a certain area no matter what your skill level
  • You can overcome a fear that normally would have paralyzed you
  • You can find Harmony with an enemy that drove you nuts before
  • You can become clear about your purpose, your meaning and your journey
  • You can loose a free floating anxiety that kept you stuck in life
  • You can witness yourself at your best whenever you like
  • You can build confidence and practice something you are working towards
  • You can make yourself more powerful (Empowered)
  • You can build a solution after seeing the whole picture
  • You can overcome pain and anxiety before doing something new
  • You can overcome fear of speaking in public
  • You can rehearse for an important exam
  • You can learn a brand new language when you previously thought you couldn't
  • You can become the best Salesperson in your office no matter what your experience
  • You can Become fun and interesting to be around at personal and professional events
  • You can change your career
  • You can change your association to the past
  • You can change your relationship with yourself and others
  • You can change your bank account for the better
  • You can change how people respond to you and take you seriously
  • You can change a habit of being Messy and Cluttered
  • You can work on your self esteem
  • You can begin to notice how far you have improved already
  • You can change your perceptions about yourself
  • You can overcome fear and embarrassment of being in public
  • You can learn how to become an excellent communicator
  • You can learn to be less stressed out all the time
  • You can learn how to be more elegant in getting what you want
  • You can change a habit of Drinking too much
  • You can learn how to create your own boundaries in your relationships
  • You can change a habit of Smoking
  • You can stop choosing a partner for all the wrong reasons and find somebody caring
  • You can change a habit of eating too much and gaining weight that makes you feel bad
  • You can get focused more than you ever did
  • You can create a plan of success and achievement
  • You can learn how to overcome the not so easy bits
  • You can realize you deserve the best life has to offer you
  • You can overcome Anger towards others and yourself that causes embarrassment
  • You can learn to find the courage to travel the world
  • You can overcome Physical pain like toothache or a headache
  • You can prepare before meeting important people you would like to impress
  • You can become a much better student
  • You can work though a strategy that is designed with you in mind
  • You can become a better Golfer or Tennis Player
  • You can have better relationship at work
  • You can say No to Co – Dependence
  • You can gain stronger Calibration skills
  • You WILL become better at NLP
  • You can become an excellent dancer at any level
  • You can learn how to cook from scratch
  • You can learn how to develop your own self esteem and self image
  • You can become less obnoxious and more like able
  • You can program your mind to work for any of your goals
  • You can relax and accept yourself for who you really are instead of pretending
  • You can live like you mean it and allow others to do the same
  • You can find true happiness in every day living
  • You can have hope for the future
  • You can beat depression
  • You can find things to enjoy in every situation
  • You can release negative energy that is poison to your insides
  • You can figure out what you really want
  • You can Go for the Gold whenever you Like
  • You can Learn what works and go back to the beginning in any situation until you get it
  • You can Overcome Grief and Loss of a loved one
  • You can Strengthen your mind to become more agile
  • You can change how attractive you are to other people
  • You can STOP battling with willpower
  • You van gain more satisfaction in your work
  • You can enhance your sexual experiences
  • You can have more of what you like without feeling bad about it
  • You can overcome Shame and humiliation
  • You can become an attraction magnet
  • You can breakthrough in areas of personal success
  • You can lean to be more patient
  • You can overcome feelings of frustration
  • You can program yourself to be an incredible leader
  • You can become a much better Athlete or runner
  • You can work through internal conflict
  • You can become more persuasive
  • You can overcome a past failure and Rise above it
  • You can change from being Miserable to a Fully Complete human
  • You can thrive in negative environments and not be affected
  • You can Create Influence in your communication
  • You can program your mind to heal and overcome Illness in its own powerful way
  • You can overcome sexual dysfunction
  • You can overcome poor Body Image
  • You can overcome a lack of confidence in any area from the bedroom to the boardroom
  • You can connect more powerfully to others
  • You can create a plan to heal the world or pursue your own Cause
  • You can learn how to be more charismatic
  • You can learn how to retain more knowledge while reading

So just to recap these are more than 100 reasons to learn Self Hypnosis do you have 100 reasons not to learn self Hypnosis ?

Let us keep it simple, What are your Top 10 Reasons for learning Self Hypnosis and making it stick ?

Program your own Unconscious Mind  by Listening to this beautiful Mind programming CD.

Also if you are still looking for 100 more reasons to use Neuro Linguistic programming look here

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little assumption can go along way

As you let go of useless patterns ... that fade away ...
Ever so quickly ..
U intensify the Enjoyment of your New Habits.

The power of Milton Model Language is that while it may be ambiguous it is also very powerful.

Once you accept the first part of this language pattern .... without questioning it..
Then you also .. Easily ..
Reap the benefit of the second part of the presupposition that slips deliciously into your unconscious mind.

Realize that I have not asked you to instead I have Begun with, "As you" which presupposes you will and you must do the first part of the statement before you will get the reward of the second half making it even more compelling.

How would you design a presupposition that sounds like a fact using this part a and b strategy.

Remember to Stack as many as you like (to bypass the critical faculty) because they work perfectly for conversational change as well as Hypnosis.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NLP - Act as If | NLP is Fun

NLP Pattern "Act as if" | NLP is Fun 
There are times when each of us is set with the challenge of learning something brand new or being in an unfamiliar role. One of the main things to overcome is, being nervous or lacking the confidence that inevitably comes with experience.

Not only That this pattern trains your brain by acting as if it has already happened. This changes your beliefs in the area of high anticipation and deep expectation.

For people who are Manifesting, getting into the amplified feeling of high expectation is essential to your success.

NLP offers an arsenal of resources to assist in this area.
Today we will learn to Act as if !
We can use this as a framework to add to or take away from in any capacity that we can think of before, During and after an Event.

#1 Think of the situation you are not sure of your competency in, and want to improve in today.

#2 Choose a mentor, somebody you believe would have a wealth of knowledge in this area (that you wish to learn from and improve in) this mentor can be Dead or Alive, known or unknown to you.

#3 Find the Limitation in your own beliefs and turn it into a sentence for example: I don't believe I can _________ .

#4 In your mind now tell the Limitation to your mentor, explain all the reasons why you feel this way.

#5 Receive all of the encouragement that your mentor is offering to you, including any feedback sandwiches and questions your mentor asks you that lead to positive action on your part.

Your Mentor may say things like:
“You are very good at _____ and you consistently demonstrate expertise in ______ perhaps you could invest some time in learning _______ which will add to your confidence while doing _________”
“And what stands in the way of ________”
“If you achieved ______________ what would change in your life if anything.
“Are you prepared to commit to the process of being _____________________.”
And so on.

#6 In your mind now, demonstrate to yourself walking through the process that will work for you. Feel the support of your mentor who is assisting and observing you. Now begin to notice exactly what steps are making all of the difference to improving this process and leading to your success.
Explain what you have done differently, to your mentor that is now working for you.

#7 Your mentor asks you if you feel competency in this area now on a scale of 1-10 and asks for you to go through the steps of the process and refine it until you feel complete confidence in this area.

#8 It is now Showtime and time to demonstrate your skill, Imagine doing so in front of a large Audience of family and friends who all support you and are cheering you on.
You now have a chance to sail through the process and demonstrate your improvement, Just Imagine their applause and approval as they marvel at how much you have improved in such a remarkably short space of time.

In the meantime, Act as if for any situation that you are hoping to grow into.
Go there first in your own mind as many times as you like, fairly soon you will take your desire on board unconsciously.

The beauty of this is that your unconscious actions now become congruent with your conscious wants.
Even though this is a fast piece of work, you can take as much time with it as you like, building up and layering beliefs one on top of another.
Most of all have some fun with it.

Act as if by rehearsing these mental drills a few times daily to really get in the flow of it.
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Within this little  NLP Blog there are more than 200  Empowering articles to help you along.

Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

Have you always wanted to be a Licensed and Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming Our Next NLP Practitioner Training can be found here Thank you for Reading.

Speak soon,