Friday, August 20, 2010

NLP - Spinning Feelings Changing Brain Chemistry on Demand | NLP is Fun

One of the Great Things about Feelings is that they can always be changed.
Taking control of your life means paying attention to how you feel, and Often.

Noticing how you feel is a great way of taking Action and beginning somewhere.
Next Time you Feel

Stop Every thing and Begin to notice where that Feeling is coming From and what sensations it is causing within your body, There will be a flow and Directional Feeling.
If you decide to change the Feeling of not having much Fun, Change the Direction and begin to Spin the feeling at a new intensity in the new Direction

What you are showing in your Mind movie makes a Massive Difference.
Play a Brand New Event, until you Loose the Old one that was making made you feel bad on Auto Play.

Get a Happy Merry go round picture going on in your internal representations - Can you remember a time as a child you enjoyed riding one of these ?

Can you remember the Sounds of the Music and the squeals of Delight and Laughter of all the Children with loved ones having a Great Time ?
One of the Things I remember is the smell of

As we would walk on the

And if I was reaaaaaaallllly lucky I would be allowed to have a Steaming Hot
Now what memories can you remember, that change your Brain chemistry Immediately ? Have some Fun with it, and Practice makes things seem much better much Faster.

Think in terms of unlimited possibilities and live better.

Boom. Let's Go !
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