Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Incredible Anthony Robbins

I have to say I am a major Tony Robbins Fan, I love his work and think he is great at what he does.
So I was disappointed when Breakthrough with Tony Robbins was Canceled.

Although I am not a TV watcher myself and wonder how many in his Audience of Massive Action takers really were going to be tuning in to his TV Show.

So, Too Bad the TV show didn't work out for him, I have watched two episodes that I enjoyed very well on Hulu (link included) and will tune in to see the rest as time permits.

Tony Robbins seems to attract strong responses in the NLP Community some like him some loath him, in spite of it all he is making a difference in the lives of the Masses and affecting many who love his brand of Personal Development.

I recommend his Book Unlimited Power, in my opinion it is still a great Timeless classic Personal Development with tons of Techniques to introduce people to the Philosophies of NLP and specifically State Change, Internal Representations, Strategies, Physiology and More.

It sells for practically nothing on Amazon, with 92 plus out of 148 reviews giving it 5 stars:

Have some Fun with it and check it out for yourself.
Many people tell me it has helped them get a more thorough understanding of other NLP books that were less personal Development oriented.

Enjoy your weekend.

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