Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning NLP always An Exciting prospect | NLP is Fun

I have heard people say to me more than once,
'I have studied NLP and have taken many NLP Courses and yet still do not know NLP".

When I was at school my Maths scores began to plummet and before I knew it  I was told I would need to be moved from an Advanced Maths class to a maths class for people who were having trouble with maths.

When I arrived at the new Maths Class my spirit was disappointed, because Intuitively I knew I had not performed at my very best and the consequence was going into a class with kids who had learning disabilities.
I lost sight of the idea at the time, that there was an option for me to be somewhere in the middle and then improve.

The idea in fact had not been presented to me by a teaching professional, instead I felt stuck.
I was in a class with people who were well below my Maths Level and because the Teacher put me there I felt I had run out of options.

I believed, it must be true because "They said so"

I gave up completely for that time being ... I didn't even try in this class because it was much too easy, In my mind, it was almost pathetic.
It wasn't until sometime later I developed a passion for Maths, in fact before I developed a passion for Maths I changed the Idea of Maths being Difficult, and decided that it was in fact useful and because it was going to help me I would have fun learning it.

I suppose at some stage I had taken matters into my own hands so to speak.

When I changed my mind about just the idea that there was a possibility, everything about that changed:
My Temperature changed
My Physiology Changed
My Neurology Changed
My Cardiovascular system Changed and later my comprehension changed what had seemed so hard in the past now was super and pathetically easy to me now.

I actually began to get Excited and was filled with possibility.
I realized I was intelligent, and this inspired me more then the old thought that this was impossible, or I can't.
It has in fact been times like that (paradigm shifts) that have led me to be the person I am today.

Now you said you had experienced a problem learning NLP .... When you were thinking it was supposed to be complicated, Is that True ?

Sometimes people may explain NLP in a way that seems complicated and less Fun and exciting.

Because when you change your mind about NLP having to be complicated it becomes quite exciting that finally you will allow yourself to get the hang of it, Don't you agree ?

Well whats next for you then ?
You should use it, shouldn't you you can begin with what you already know, the smallest chunks you can put them in to every day practice because whatever you know you can know it even better still.

I am learning that, although still learning that .. even better still.
Practice at work, with your family and friends make notes because every one is different and react to interventions in their own ways.
see if you can add bits that work better for you or even cut some steps out if you like. It is completely up to you and the great news is YOU CANNOT BREAK IT which means you only Fail if you completely stop the process of applying, Learning and Improving.

Now you can be an Armchair Philosopher or ... you can be an Elegant and resourceful communicator.
My Tip is begin with being as flexible in your attitude as possible.

We frequently have a Free NLP web Training via skype and you can come to any one of them to experience just how much Fun NLP can really be.

Let me know how you get on, and remember changing your life is an exciting prospect and therefore loads of Fun.

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Thanks for stopping by, speak with you soon.

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