Monday, October 25, 2010

Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions - Study and Practice

Come and Join us for Irresistible Non Verbal Hypnotic Inductions
October 25 2010 at 7pm.

Hypnosis, is one of the most incredible ways I know of to De stress AND communicate (Install ) Irresistible Suggestions that Improve peoples lives in just a few moments.

Just By Mindlessly looking at this Picture you have been given a suggestion, isn't that true ?
What does the suggestion mean to you ... Everyone will get something different, even if there will be a theme of related Generalizations.

While I do not smoke myself .. Images and Suggestions can creatively be scattered through Body Language and Verbal Communication to help get your point across, just think of TV shows and Advertising.

Want to know how this is done, in your real Life ?
Would you like to DE- stress and experience Hypnosis with other people who are as curious and fascinated as you are ?
Would you like a safe place to learn and practice ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize Somebody ?
Can you be Hypnotized do you think, and if you were .. what would that be like ?
Do you believe you can Hypnotize somebody else, without using words even ?
What about if you could Hypnotize somebody using a combination of Non Verbal and Verbal techniques, would that take the pressure off.
Could you imagine your confidence building more and more with practice ?

Come out and join us as we go over some of the basics of Hypnosis and learn some old and some New ways to get people out of their Trance and into yours.
The last time I offered this Event I hypnotized the Audience while I had my Back to them, installing Non Verbal Hypnosis on the Subject.

Ask anyone who was there, they all went down like Dominoes ... They found it irresistible, and even my assistants were lulled into trance.

Come out and have a go yourself, we always have a terrific time, all are welcome beginners, Practitioners and anyone in between.
Practice Study and Learn as a Group and separately with a partner.
Experience Hypnosis and Ask your Questions with the Group.
Let's have allot of Fun with it.

If you would like to join us tonight please email

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