Friday, January 30, 2015

The Self Love Process by Nadia Harper | NLP is Fun

The Self Love Process is something I designed a couple of years ago.
In response to how does one actually go through the motions of loving themselves.

What specifically would they need to do.

I found that for the most part people wanted to receive more love in their lives and gravitated to external affirmation from others in the hope of experiencing a sense of love, wholeness and well being.
The problem with this is that they frequently were looking for attention, Approval and signs of being appreciated from other people.
A need that seemed to be insatiable, not so different from an addiction.
Many of these people also had their own experience of love which meant that frequently there was a massive mismatch in the area of expectation, when they found another person who offered them love.

When I started using this in my own life, it changed my expectation in a huge way. I have taught The self love process extensively at this point, and everyone who uses it has been able to improve the way they feel about themselves, their value and their experience.

When you feel as if you are enough, everything changes.
Your relationships to others become different
How you communicate becomes different
You feel secure and comfortable in your own skin.

The thought of not being enough or fitting within other people's ideas of what you should be can no longer exist when practicing the Self love process.

You must realize this is certainly a process, the more you do this the better you feel, the more you turn your attention to all that is great about you.

Your feedback is welcome, in the meantime, please share The self love process with anyone you wish.
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