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NLP - Reading in to it | NLP is Fun

Many times people ask me what NLP Books should they read and I think different people are best suited to different Books.
I guess what I really mean is, it depends on a persons reading patterns at the time this will help me decide what  book I will recommend.
Often if I am coaching or Tutoring a person I will include steps to increase reading stamina over time.

Even If you are just starting out with NLP and want a book that you can glance through Daily I have already mentioned Entrancing Tales by The English sisters in another post.
Because the more you dip into it the better you feel, also it makes a great book to throw in a bag to take to work as a pick me up no matter what your level in NLP.

As you have perhaps encountered many people find it a challenge to sit through a dense book overloaded with facts but very little glue to captivate an audience.
And we all know a change of mind is usually a change of heart too, so feeling great is the perfect kick starter to a new way of doing things.

I list Books I like to do with NLP, in the NLP is Fun Bookshop so people can also decide which book to read next and add to their collection.
Because I think it is quite important to build an NLP Library, certainly with all of the classics which in time a person will enjoy as they understand more about NLP.

When I first started studying NLP I wanted everything I could get my hands on about NLP,nowadays I have most all of the NLP Books I like But I recently added 3 Amazing NLP Books which I must review for you soon and in detail.

1. Doug O'Brien - Sleight of Mouth
2. Joseph Riggio - The state of Perfection
3. Peter Parkes - NLP for Project Managers

Needless to say I am almost Trembling in anticipation to share because I am thrilled with all three.

I am an Avid reader and have collected about 700 Books so far. Most of these Books are about NLP/ Hypnosis/Business/Influence/Persuasion/Healing/Change/Energy/Prosperity/Sales/Behavior/Neuroscience etc.

My intention is to create a proper library in my home where the room is based around the Books and not the other way around ... where the Books are overflowing and taking up all the room in my office.
Here is another Book that I was sent recently which I really like.
It is written by Tom Oberbichler who is an NLP Trainer, NLP Coach and also a Writing coach, and it is called Feel Wonderful Now.
Seriously, what more can you ask for, who doesn't want to be wonderful ?
Do you like the Pivot Grammar Tom uses on his logo ?

Tom, who is from Vienna and he is a perfect example of what he writes about, which is, exactly how to get the most out of your life and enjoy an emotionally healthy experience no matter what.
It is a great book filled with simple everyday NLP techniques to experience and begin to feel great instantly.
Kind of like this NLP blog really :)

I love reading tips from people who have "cracked it" for themselves and are "walking the walk and talking the talk" Tom is about as authentic as they come and I really like that. 
It is an appealing characteristic in my book. Now him and his longtime life partner Chris Pape are really interested in helping you get a peace of mind for yourself, and keeping NLP accessible to all who want a positive change.

You can connect with Tom on his Amazon page where you can order a copy of his book on Kindle while is is on sale here is what he says:

Quoted Text from Tom's Bio
"Joy and happiness are two wonders that keep increasing all the time, the more we share them! So I am delighted to share my experiences, skills and abilities with my books, trances, workshops, and coaching with more and more people.
I love people and the world we all are a part of.
I know that true and sustainable success can only be achieved in interacting and cooperating with other people".

I wish Tom & Chris every success with the Book and for those of you abroad his book is in German and his Kindle version is in English.

Give it a try, while it is on sale, you will thank me later.
If you liked this information share it with somebody who will benefit and look through the NLP is Fun Archives. This NLP Blog is packed full of conversation starters.


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