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NLP - Overlapping Rep Systems | NLP is Fun

NLP practitioners are great Storytellers, we engage people via stories that help others change their own internal experience.
Frequently through people imagining themselves in better situations which begins the process of change.

This is Important for everyone who has a desire to succeed.

The Representative systems give us exceptional juice to access Gestalts, bundles of sensory information which make quick work out of having a person connect to an experience and change how they are processing it to create the feeling they are feeling.

Not only That, it gives a sense of experience like it is really happening as you amplify the Representation systems..

From time to time people may tell us "I cannot make pictures", hear sounds, smell etc... has that ever happened to you ?

Or maybe you have been working on a pattern and felt unable to access intensity in a rep system you are less familiar with.

You can train your mind as you practice and familiarize yourself with all rep systems because this is exceptionally useful. We all know Mental drills intensify experience and our mind becomes used to the unconscious programming we loop over and over again.

I will show you how to Overlap your rep systems which is really easy and you will notice, improves with practice.

Let's Do it !
If you are working with another person who seems to be struggling with accessing a rep system:
In this Example the person is strong visually and we are introducing Auditory rep systems into their experience.

You will use your own appropriate rep systems when you do this pattern for yourself.
If you want to learn more about NLP you may want to see this actions speak louder than words.

#1 Gain congruent agreement
Ask them to make sure you have got it right, "so you are saying you are having a hard time with __________________"
a) And you would love to
b) And you feel excited about this prospect
c) And you are congruent in this
d) And you know exactly why this will be useful and important to you
e) And you are ready to now

#2 Begin with favorite Rep system Intensify then Introduce another.
a) (Visual): Great and I bet you can see yourself enjoying this entire process as if you were watching a vivid sunset on a sandy beach with palm trees swaying to and fro, the waves roll in and out as you take the whole scene into your mind.
b) Are you seeing that now
c) (Auditory): Good , and even though it is a peaceful day their is a rustling in the trees as they dance and sway in time to the natural noises of the seaside ..
d) Can you hear that now

# 3 Begin to fuse it by overlapping the intensified experience.
a) Just listen to the rippling of the waves as they tease the toes of the mothers and children paddling before dusk just look at the children, happily giggling and squealing in delight
b) Notice how the colors of the sunset are slowly changing, orange, yellow, crimson, purple and what shapes can you see in the clouds
c ) If you close your eyes I bet you can still see and hear everything including what you hadn't noticed before.
d) How about that, lots to see and hear isn't there

#4 Future Pace and Test 

Remember you can always change habits and patterns that make you unhappy.

Being trained in Neuro linguistic programming affords you a massive tool set to play with.What do you want to do next with your NLP Training You could always do one of these or all of them actually.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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There are over 200 more Empowering articles to enjoy and remember NLP is Fun so enjoy the whole experience.

Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

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