Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little assumption can go along way

As you let go of useless patterns ... that fade away ...
Ever so quickly ..
U intensify the Enjoyment of your New Habits.

The power of Milton Model Language is that while it may be ambiguous it is also very powerful.

Once you accept the first part of this language pattern .... without questioning it..
Then you also .. Easily ..
Reap the benefit of the second part of the presupposition that slips deliciously into your unconscious mind.

Realize that I have not asked you to instead I have Begun with, "As you" which presupposes you will and you must do the first part of the statement before you will get the reward of the second half making it even more compelling.

How would you design a presupposition that sounds like a fact using this part a and b strategy.

Remember to Stack as many as you like (to bypass the critical faculty) because they work perfectly for conversational change as well as Hypnosis.

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