Thursday, July 5, 2012

Challenge Yourself and Win | NLP is Fun

Stop right there!

Saying things to yourself that cause you pain 
Making pictures in your mind that create feelings that feel bad
Clouding your mind with negativity
Expecting the worst in your life
Expecting people to hurt you
Limiting yourself 
Minimizing your achievements
Giving away your own personal power
Doing things that you hate
Letting yourself down 
Being around people who put you down 
Being less than you are 
Allowing others to take credit for your work and ideas
Telling yourself you will never make it
Not taking care of yourself
Being a pessimist
Lying about what you really want 
Coming up short on your own goals
Being a Prisoner of your own making 

Start with something Fun and focus on the things you Like and might not have even tried yet.
Who knows you might turn out to be really good at it, and most of all you will have a blast and meet some new people.

Get in the Habit of Challenging yourself and Raising your own Bar, Take chances and Win.

Find out how you can also use this as a Language pattern here

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