Thursday, June 4, 2015

NLP Language pattern | Stop | NLP is Fun

NLP Language patterns are the best, Let us speak more about Covert Hypnosis Today.
Sometimes, a Simple word can change everything, as can the way in which you use a word.
When I say change everything I mean:
Make a Change
You can keep the change
Change is Good
And you can change everything by just using one word too.

And the Amazing thing about Playing with language is the response you are getting from those whom you are using Hypnotic Language with.

Today the Word we are using is STOP
Simple isn't it.
One small word with a whole lot of Impact.
This word immediately interrupts any pattern and demands that you take action, doesn't it.

Here is the Pattern
Stop and Consider
Stop did you Notice
Stop and Wonder
Stop for a moment and
Stop and smell the roses
Stop and Imagine this hypnotic Language pattern working in your favor
Stop and Listen to the thoughts you like the most
Stop Chunking everything down and change direction by chunking up
Stop thinking you are rubbish at language patterns and play with this simple one for a whole week

Empowering isn't it, I am excited to know what you will come up with remember, this is only a suggestion.
So Stop taking everything so literally.

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