Monday, June 22, 2015

Belief Check points | Meaning and Significance | NLP is Fun

Did you know, the meaning you attach to any circumstance will define the significance of your experience.
Remember we have discussed the idea that Beliefs are made up. and are not real.
When it comes to beliefs today we are speaking about what you have decided something means.

For example:
  • What did this Event mean, why did _____________ happen?
  • What Did this person mean when they Said/Did/Implied ________________?
  • What have I decided Now
  • What am I going to choose to do about this
Your Actions are based on these decisions, which for the most part are unconscious processing and because of this there are frequently no check points to question these beliefs  which means they are just accepted. What if you could interview yourself about these beliefs.

The thing is, perhaps the real question should be:
Is what you are doing now, helpful or not ?
Is it getting you to your destination ?

There is a consequence to having beliefs that limit you in any way isn't there. I am sure you know this already, In this Post I explained how your action is based on your Belief.
So if your action is based on your belief, that surely means your results are based on your beliefs too.
Let us begin to understand how this is happening.

You have lots of reasons that you Can't do _____________ but you want __________ don't you?
So you say to yourself as well as others:
I would __________________________ but I can't because I don't have ___________ and I don't have ___________ because of ____________

Fill in the gaps and review it for yourself you will discover what your own limiting belief truly is.
It is quite interesting to experience it in this format isn't it. let us go further.

For example:
Have you decided __________________ is not possible because of your past results in _________?

Let us discover a simple re - frame. We can change the direction of the frame which will help us to understand what we mean at the Deep Structure.
In other words, what is underneath this choice ?
Why are we choosing this ?
What do we really mean ? 

Turn it around:
If this is the case, what would happen if you eliminated this belief and did the exact opposite ?
What would the consequence be ?
What if you turned it around completely ?

Is it Possible ?
For anyone ?
For Me ?
Am I capable ?
Do I need additional resources ?

Do I want it enough to apply the effort ?
Am I connected to the outcome ?
Is this the best way ?
Have I changed my mind ?
How High is this on my priority list ?

How Much Significance does the end result Hold ?
Is this a Try or a Must ?
Why Must you have it ?
Get connected to your outcome, find out more here  ?
How does this effect your Ecology now and later ?
What will you gain in the short Term?
What will you gain in the long term ?

Are you congruent with the outcome  ?
Read 10 Steps to Congruent Goal setting here

Are you clear with the whole Process ? 
Or are you just winging it?
Find out about Well Formed outcomes Here

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