Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reality is Subjective | NLP is Fun

You can program your mind for what you want, Think about Reality as being all in your mind.
When you think about this, anything will be possible if it is True.
And ..
You won't know if it is true or not, unless you experiment with it for yourself....

Some people have far to many reasons not to believe in what they want. They spend a great deal of time:
Feeling unhappy
Thinking about their problems
Protecting their Limitations
Arguing in defense of their self imposed Limitations
Then they get overwhelmed and their thinking patterns become a jumbled mess.
Reality is subjective to each persons experience. Even if lots of people participate in the same Event, each person will perceive it differently.
Having a Reality that works for you then is the ultimate goal.
A reality check is a reality that works in your favor then, isn't it ?

Otherwise, your mind will be dragging you around instead of leading yourself to absolute success in any endeavor
Having a Powerful mind is thinking, feeling and behaving on purpose.
Changing your mind may not happen overnight but in lots of cases life changing Mind Mastery happens super fast especially when using NLP.
The more each person immerses themselves in NLP and practice frequently the more intensely the change will be experienced.
Plus they will be spending less time feeling bad, and that in itself is amazing.

Thinking about what you want is more important than worrying about what you don't have.
And ..
The more you think about what you want,
1. The more real it feels.
2. The more likely you are to believe it is possible
3. The more familiar it will become to you
4. The more suggestions your unconscious mind will present to achieve it
5. The more you will be in alignment with your wants
6. The More committed you will be to your goals
7. The More Actions you will take to achieve your result
8. The faster you will achieve your outcomes
9. The sooner you will notice you are living your dreams
10. The more effectively and productive you will be in your life

Seems like a Great way to get more of what you want and experience pleasure at the same time.

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