Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Release Stress | NLP is Fun

Did you know Stress can creep up and take over you.
In order to be proactive and not reactive to stress you must have a plan in position to release all stress on a regular basis.
Here is an easy way to solve this.

Release Stress Mind Map | NLP is Fun

Make some notes, or if you prefer just bookmark this page, This is going to be easy and fun.
The Daily objective is to always feel better, as long as you remember this you are moving in the right direction. so just decide to spend at least some time doing this each day.

Smile as frequently as you can remember, the more you smile the better you will feel and people will enjoy it and let you know.

Focus more on what you love and less on what annoys you or you do not like.
Spend a few minutes paying attention to releasing stress and anxiety.
Breathe in love and release all fear/Anxiety/Stress/Worry/Doubt and other emotions that feel bad do this in rounds of 3 at least super slowly (nobody will know you are doing it).

Visualize pushing out and rejecting bad or nasty thoughts the further from you the better you feel, can you notice this.
Say This All is well frequently.
Just Decide to Stop Feeling bad and feeding the feel bad Bonfire.
Expect the Best always train your mind to improve at doing this by actively doing positive self talk Self hypnosis, and listening to positive dialogue.

Negative Thinking creates "Secret Stress" that Piles up quickly:
Negative Thoughts Infect your thinking and can create a Mind virus that spreads all the way through your life.
Regularly clear your mind and reset by thinking about your best bits and those you love until you feel better.
Relaxing music that feels wonderful.
Soak in a Bath, Jacuzzi or the Pool

Cut out:
Negative TV
Arguing with people who love to be right for attention and little else
Music that has secret directives that you chant over and over again
Adverts that make you eat bad things, Drink too much take drugs or behave irresponsibly and against your core values.
Programs that involve fighting and negative behavior that is infused with glamour and envious associations
Car Crash TV of any kind
Bad news TV Channels

Beware of the affects of participating in the following:
Xenophobia, Racism, negative thought trains against other individuals and Groups
Video Games that reward you for killing people and make it really life like
And anything else that affects your state for the worst every time you do it.
Limit your contact with it and when you are ready work towards removing it all together.

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Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

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