Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What is stopping you | NLP is Fun

Is there something that you want and you do not seem to Go for it in the way you feel you "Could or should" ?
Many times people do not take the action they want unless they turn the "Could and Should" into a Must.
Unconscious Processes that Trigger negative emotions work against you. Change feelings to something that motivates you instead. | NLP is Fun

This has a great deal to do with what you are focusing on.
If I say to you what is stopping you, you may say well I can't do/have/go after it because ________
We have already spoken about the Significance and meaning you attach to your beliefs here .

1. You can spend time thinking about the result of what you want, in just 10 minutes each day for a whole week.
2. Motivate yourself as part of your strategy and then take action  now towards what you want.
3. The next week double up to 20 Minutes of focused attention on what you want each day.
4.The third week do 15 minutes a day and brainstorm the solutions with a dedicated notebook to your ideas.
5. Take another 15 minutes in moving the process forward, with Real Action.

Remember to spend a few moments Releasing stress before you begin to focus on what you want.

Notice what is working and what is not working and increase what works eliminate what isn't.
Always think about your self and your life in terms of Infinite possibility. 
Pretty soon you will begin to automatically Think of yourself and your current situation differently.

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