Saturday, June 20, 2015

Next Level Motivation | NLP is Fun

Isn't it time to do something different, doing what you have always done is never going to get you all that your heart longs for.
A great way to connect to your Goals is to create a Book of Motivating Thoughts with Pictures that engage your senses.
Helping you to imagine the experience. and Flip through it frequently. Here is a Picture of one I created a Few Years ago.
I have written several more since then, It is amazing to read them and find out what I have already accomplished or what has unconsciously become second nature now.
Write down your Affirmations and Goals then Bring then to Life  using NLP, Create a Book of Motivating thoughts.  

This week at NLP is Fun in Las Vegas we discussed Creating Motivation Strategies with NLP at our Workshop. Using Motivation strategies is about pairing associations to things that already naturally motivate you.
The results are magnificent and long lasting. 

Here is a recording on Killing it 2015 which is our Hashtag this year #Killingit2015 Next level Motivation is all about taking the Bull By the Horns.
This cannot be done until you just decide.
Now Is the time for you to achieve your Goal.
I wander what you have decided to do differently to guarantee your own success.

Sometimes it is as simple as getting clear with your Goals having Well Formed Outcomes will help.

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

Use the Hashtag #Killingit2015 and Tweet how you are going above and beyond in your own life !

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Thanks for reading, Speak soon.

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