Friday, June 5, 2015

Virginia Satir Demonstrating Flexibility | NLP is Fun

Original NLP Patterns Contributor Virginia Satir of course was a Master of Change work. The way in which she was able to Relate and Communicate with people to achieve her outcome using Verbal and Non Verbal Communication was intoxicating to experience.

Virginia was beyond flexible, always looking for options and choices to dislodge the problem by re-framing the hidden possibilities and options.

She helped us to understand In fact, that the power to Change has everything to do with being willing to be flexible doesn't it.

Have you ever met a person who was unwilling to change and demanded that "things" stay the same or "go back to normal" ?
In fact they would somehow wrestle you to the ground in order to maintain the present state no matter how problematic.

In the following 2 Video's Virginia Satir demonstrates Several Examples of Flexibility.

What I also love about this Video is how she is willing to take many different  positions in response to one particular problem.

When people have a problem, they often perceive there are limited choice available. Perhaps presented as "this or that" and perhaps another option which they have ruled out as they feel as if "it is out of the question".

In this video the gentleman she is helping gets the chance to Phrase his "Problem" and explain it a little bit more every single time and for that he gets a Unique response to each of his statements.

Virginia uses Rapport in a way which demonstrates the value she holds for the Participant.

  • She consistently Paces his experience and gains agreement from him then will Lead him. 
  • She is an incredibly magnetic Influencer her certainty and determination is Palpable.
  • She remains energetic, enthusiastic, Focused and resourceful in her communication.
  • Virginia was an advocate for Self acceptance and self worth
  • She knew her own worth and was certain of it 
  • She valued other people always demonstrating to them their worth.

Virginia's use of Body language and Non verbals is purposeful and extremely Powerful.
 Please enjoy watching these awesome video's.

An available Transcript of these video's is available courtesy of Steve Andreas here 
There is so much we can say about these Video's from Real People Press and the whole lecture of which she was a Keynote speaker is available for purchase here

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