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Virginia Satir and her influence to NLP | NLP is Fun

While Virginia Satir was not an NLP'er she was instrumental for providing part of the Original Patterns for NLP.

The way in which she was so effective in her language and Communication with those she worked with is evident to anyone who has seen her in Action.

It has been said that when Richard Bandler Modeled her he discovered 7 Patterns of transformation that she had in Rotation.
4 of which she said she was Consciously somewhat aware of.

She has written or Co written 12 Books of which I have read 5 of them and so highly recommend the following.

My most favourite of all her books is actually Changing with families. The beautiful book she wrote with John Grinder and Richard Bandler.
One of my friends Mark Gittos has a signed copy (the lucky Devil)

As you can see this book is not readily available but can sometimes be found from resellers.
It is Beautifully written and when I began to read it the first time, could not put it down until I had finished.

It really is helpful if you want to understand how she was using language in Family Therapy.

The New People Making is a Great Book to read and re - read if you work with families or do any type of Relationship work Virginia writes as if she is talking to you and I love her style so much.

Step by Step is Great as she wrote it with Michele Baldwin who wanted to learn more about how Virginia created her processes in Family therapy.

The Satir Model is a really in depth review of all Virginia's over all work and was written by John Banmen Jane Gerber and Maria Gomori.

This Book I carry in my purse sometimes as it is such a short read that packs a heavy punch, when I first read this book It was life changing. I really really recommend you read this one and especially Changing families as an NLP'er.

I wanted to share this Last Book with you I haven't read it yet myself. I am a Huge Fan of Steve Andreas',  Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas' work. They have contributed so much to the Field of NLP and are still contributing and align themselves with Phenomenal Trainers that contribute so much to our field.

Here is the book he wrote about Virginia Satir, It only has one review although its a good one and it had a preview window which I always like and so far I am impressed.

Before I go I wanted to leave you with this Article that Steve wrote on Virginia Satir Here is the Link.
I am Off to Buy His Book.

Have a Great Weekend and remember to have more fun than you think you can manage ;)

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