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Kicking a Habit EZ when you know how | NLP is Fun

Making Change happen in your life happens after you replace the habit you wish to change, with a habit that reinforce the desired change.

A)Switch the old habit that you are sick of having
B) For a Brand New Habit that Motivates and Compels You

In order to make this a reality and stay on track these new habits should be habits that feel good and are motivating to you.

Example of the old habit:
You wish to stop smoking and usually have a cigarette  each day at 11 am while at work, and really look forward to it as a break.

You need to switch the Association:
You have connected the Idea of "Break" and "Cigarette" as one, now you will teach your unconscious mind that a Break is separate it means a pause, relaxation and you can be doing other pleasurable things during your break, which will loosen your association to Smoking here.

You will create new Neural Pathways with Repetition and Pleasurable Association:
In time with constant repetition the old desire will become forgotten and the new habit will replace the former.

At 11 o'clock Tomorrow you will continue changing your mind and habit and replace your anticipated enjoyment with a chapter of an amazing book you are reading.

You will still get to take your break and you will continue getting through an exciting book or may even learn a new skill.

The Book can be replaced with doing other things you enjoy too (you may not for example find reading enjoyable or exciting).

Remember Motivate the Change with something you feel passionate about:

Each new Habit requires a motivation, what is motivating you to do something new.
How compelling is the motivation to do the new habit ?
What will help you along the way when times get tough.

If we look at this from a very simple point of view:
What is more motivating
a) Doing the old habit
b) Doing the new habit

In the end one will be more compelling than the other !
This is the Habit which will win for the time being.
You want to create a Propulsion system (that is a complete system) check the ecology always.

Remember if you don't crack it the first time keep going until you do, if this is what you really want.
There are many ways to remind yourself of your motivation in order to keep it in the forefront of your mind and they must turn you on and trigger your unconscious processes as a reward that you love.

Sometimes, you may just want to get away from something awful. In the beginning this may be huge and drive you forward however in the long run after you are "away" from it in perception you can become less proactive, that is if you are motivated just to react to something that is driving you bonkers.

Find an exciting Goal that thrills you and add it or even replace it instead of your "away from".

How you feel about your motivation is very important.
If your motivation does not "move you" and create new feelings of excitement and anticipation within you it is hardly compelling.
If your old habit can create more powerful feelings and associations than your new motivation it is easy to guess which one will win !.

Make up your mind first and stay in the game:
If you don't crack it the first time you can find a more compelling motivation next time.
You may not yet be fully congruent, at an unconscious level. For example you may not yet have identified all of the secondary gain in having the addiction or problem.

Take some time out to explore your many reasons for wanting to change a habit in the first place.
It is likely you will have many reasons until you dig deeper and find the real reasons deeper in your subconscious mind.

You can continually relax and ask yourself, What is my Highest intention for creating this change also and patiently listen to what comes up.

Once you are able to connect with these reasons, you can easily find examples in your own history of why the time to change is now.
Look for your Threshold, your "point of no return" (so to speak) at what point did the habit become so sickening that you decided to take action to change it.

See yourself achieving it:
Completely engage in this memory amplifying all sub modalities and recreating it several times to experience all the feelings associated with wanting to change it.

The Objective of changing is to create a more compelling future and once you have decided to do something new you will do the same exercise connecting to just why it will be so amazing and what you will get out of it, how it will improve your life , what people will say, how you will feel, what you will look and feel like.

Create excitement for your new habit:
Many habit changes begin by conditioning your mind, some have called these "Affirmations".
In this case I will call them "Active Thoughts".

I am calling these Thoughts "Active" as they are about Movement and Physiology these thoughts carry emotions that create a certain mood within you.

Conditioning your mind to learn new things comes with applied Action,do you agree ?
Success of any kind requires persistence, Learning, application, Tweaking, Testing and Calibrating, Preparation and more Testing until you get it right for you.

Keep Going become a Mind builder:
Remember if you haven't cracked it yet it doesn't mean you won't ever it means you haven't yet !
How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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