Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are you Motivated ?

"Change is Good" They say (who are they ?)
At the Beginning of the year many (who) are thinking I should change some things about myself.

What do you really want to change ?
And what would that be like ?
Can you identify the reason that is so important to you?
What is your motivation ?

There may be some things you would like to improve these are generally speaking "Don't wants" for example:

I don't want to be poor - so I should make more money
I don't want to be Fat so I should loose some weight.

Where is the motivation, in many cases moving away from things that have become habits is not so helpful as you are still focused on "Don't wants".

In order to create the "Don't want" it is necessary to first make a picture of it in your mind.
When you make a picture of it, often other things start to happen like:

You  say words in your head to remind yourself of times you may have "Failed" in the past, which creates lousy feelings and sometimes feelings of Overwhelm too, which may result in taking no action as you don't know if it is worth it or where to begin.

How then can you be motivated to create the desired change ?

Think about what you really want ?
What are the reasons you really want it for example:

If I make more money I can be able to do more of the things I love.
What Things are those exactly Tap into the other things you would like to do in the future that making more money will afford.

Once you make pictures of "it" frequently in your head and manifest the feeling of what that would really be like, you are now living through it.

Your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference, it has been proven that Sports coaches who used the methodology of having Team members visualize making goals had greater success on the field than those who didn't.

You can score your own goals at home whenever you like, and build feelings that generate excitement about your experience.

Towards and Away From come from "Meta Programs" we will speak about Meta Programs in greater detail at another time.

The more you Practice the better you become at the game.
Try it on see and if it fits !

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