Friday, January 1, 2010

If I can have anything in the world, here is what I want

Happy New Year !

There are many different ways of searching and motivating yourself into action. today we are going to throw caution at the wind and begin unconventionally. Throughout the next week you will learn many different ways in which you can decide on what your next move will be.

The first question is what do I want ?
The second question is why do I not have it yet ?

From there you may be presented of lot's of things that stood in your way, that's ok because it is helping you identify the things you do not want.

Now imagine you have an old empty sandwich bag like the one that is left close to the Rubbish after you have eaten your sandwich for lunch and it has some mayo left on it, well put all your don't wants into that bag, just for now, you know where they are.

Now since those are cleared away get a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the things in the world that you do want ever and under any circumstances. I mean just because you cant afford a rolls royce now it doesn't mean you don't want it ... ever !

Now continue on and write down all of the things you want, no matter how ridiculous or far fetched it may seem, and while you are doing it really expect that you are going to get it, I mean really tremble in anticipation for these wonderful life changing desires that you are manifesting and fully enjoy the experience of having them in your mind and body.

Keep going and going until you get all of your wants on the piece of paper.
Throughout the day and even tomorrow think about ways in which you will make these things on your list a reality.

You will likely notice just how amazingly great it really feels when you begin to focus on anything you would like to have in the whole wide world.

You will notice that some things on your list you are focusing on more than others and it may be that those things are more of what you really want right now !

If you find you are reminded of the old soggy lunch bag by the rubbish with all the don't want's in it really give a great thought to if you really want to carry that stinky soggy old bag around with you any more and get that mess all over you.

When you are ready you can just slip it into the Trash after all you don't pick through Trash do you ?

Now where were we oh yes,
Keep your feelings going really well on the expectation that you have created  from your want list as you focus more and more on it, when you go to sleep at the end of the day you will be really excited to know your mind will sort through all the files available and come up with lots of pathways toward you getting what you are focused on.

Remember when you attach meaning to the things you want and allow your feelings to intensify and for longer your want's become more and more important your unconscious mind then realizes oh this is what we are going for now I better get to work.

Your unconscious mind finds all the necessary resources to put together a plan step by step to make it happen for you.

Let me know how you get on, we will talk again soon.

The mind truly is amazing,

Robert Fritz once said "You want what you want wether or not you think you can get it"


  1. I'm so thrilled to see your challenge, Nadia! I love this powerful yet gentle reminder of how my mind can readily access the resources I have available. WOOHOO!

  2. Thank you Wendy, I am so glad you find it useful.

    Making NLP fun and Easy is one of the things that is very important to me.

    Let me know how you get on ))


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