Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Using NLP to Change your Life

Before you decide to Change it is important to experience what the change will feel like, look Like Sound Like and if it is a good "Ecological Fit" for you.

One of the ways we can do this is by Building the Desired State First, you can do this by fully engaging all sensory experience to the change and running it through your mind and Physiology right now.

You can play with Submodalities to improve your experience while intensifying the state.

Get yourself to a place of believability and excitement, this is really important.

It is not only useful and fun, it gives you a chance to really experience what the change will be like and the best of all is that your unconscious mind will have the experience stored in your memory muscle.

When you get to "Peak State" then Anchor it so that you can fire this anchor whenever you like, this is great for times you are in public and want to rekindle your Excitement and motivation.

It has been proven that leading Athletes, Actors, Speakers and other successful groups get "Into A Peak state" like this way before getting the real job done!

Some engage these techniques as much as they physically practice.

Also the more you do this the more it becomes a reality and a habit, which strengthens the Neuro pathways you have created to develop this new habit.

After doing this for the first time Decide where you are right now. Engage your physiology to work with you and journal your findings.

The next step is to "build a bridge" to where you are going, your motivation is now on your side as you have experienced it at "Peak State" and anchored it.

Fire your anchor as often as you like.

What resources do you need to get to the Change "New Habit"

Make  a list of things that will improve your chances of being successful. Put your list s a reminder someplace you can see it first thing in the morning.

Keep building the Peak state and making the Peak state Pictures, Sounds and Feelings larger than the Current state, this will help you to remember what to focus on.

The closer it is to you the better it probably feels.

It is likely you notice how much submodality subtle shifts make massive improvements to your sensory experience.

Work your plan and keep calibrating, find out how and if the plan is working.

Test your Journey, you can Future pace and keep future pacing until you know you have a way to connect all the resources together to cross you over your bridge to make the change.

Remember creating a change has to begin with a huge desire from within to move towards your change. This usually happens when you are sick and tired of the state you are now in.

Have fun with it and journal your findings.

Flexibility is key and there is no wrong way to do it, experiment until you get it right for you.

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