Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squabbling over Words - - Is This True ?

Here is some Food For Thought, a Very Small and Yet Powerful Chunk:
How do you know, what you know is True ?

Is seems to be an absolute .. a definite, it Is unquestionably decided in the speakers mind and any contrast to this decision can often end badly.
And at Times to the Extreme ..

Is it true do you think that Their opinion is connected to their (Speakers) Values and Belief systems ?
Does that mean if you challenge the word is you are challenging a Speakers Model of the Word, what about Identity, History Existence ?
Can you be sure you know what the Speaker is Experiencing ?

Is this True, How do you know ?
Is it worth Squabbling over .... The word Is I mean ?

It can be quite interesting when you replace the word "Is" for example, in your communication with anything other than  is like:

Could be
Appears to be 
May be
Might Be 
It May
And so on ...

Robert Anton Wilson Provides more food for thought as he shares his Wisdom on this subject.

If you make a small change it may Lead to a Larger Change.

The Point's Robert Anton Wilson shares in the included Video can provide an indispensable paradigm shift for Some.

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