Monday, March 8, 2010

What would you Do if you were not afraid ?

Hi Everyone it is great to be able to chat with you again, I have missed you. Life has a way of Shuffling priorities once in a while :)

Here is a very cute Interview I did of the Naught Boys of Hypnosis who are a banging Stage Hypnosis Comedy Act and Las Vegas Headliners.

The rest of the Interview will be posted on shortly for all to see. I will let you know when.

"And if you did know what would that be ?"
Is a Term you may hear in NLP and specifically in Coaching or Personal Development.
This is usually in answer to somebody you ask the following question to:
  • "What is your Ideal Life/Situation/Circumstance etc..." and then they might say:
  • "I don't know" and then you can say:
  • "And if you did know what would that be ? "

It is a great way of taking the weight off the question and so free's up the imagination to answer hypothetically without any real responsibility.

The great thing about this is that the Questions and answers open new ideas and cortical pathways as the answerer has to imagine ... the answer engaging in their own new neural pathways.
Also the unconscious mind goes to work now on the possibilities, when before the options may have seemed plugged/Blocked.

So here is a New one:

What would you do if you were not afraid ?
It sounds like a general question and certainly you could answer it in a general way

You Could say:
  • How do you know I am afraid, I am not afraid of anything and then flex your muscles to prove it!
  • I don't know and then we could say "what if you did know ?" ..
  • You could take a few moments out and think about things that you knew you were afraid of ...
  • You could read the rest of this post to find out more about what I mean, if you were not sure.
Believe it or not Fear is used repeatedly as a Motivator in our Western society.
It is often very easy to motivate people to take action by mentioning things they already are afraid of:
Many people are afraid of not having enough:

And these things show up as manic behaviour driving them to do a certain thing .. More ..

Work more
Relax more
Play More
Drink more
Smoke more
Study more
Love more ...
Have more sex

It may be to the point that they are missing the point and becoming destructive in their actions, without even realizing it !

For example:

Work more and miss out on fun times
Relax more and miss out on Work
Play more and miss out on responsibility
Drink more and miss out on being clear headed
Smoke more and miss out on exercise
Study more and miss out on living
Love more and miss out on letting others love you
Have more sex and miss out on a for filling relationship

Of course these are just examples.
Usually a behaviour is for filling a higher value.


Steven works more because he is afraid he will not make enough money for his family
David relaxes every chance he gets because he is afraid of being controlled by others
Mandy plays more than she should because she studied so hard at UNI and she is afraid she will miss out again


So if you were to take a few minutes and ask yourself What am I afraid of ?

Then make a list of behaviours that stem from this fear.
There may be other things that you are afraid of too, no time like the present to clean house.

One of the things I noticed when I was afraid of was hurting a certain persons feelings ... I went to extraordinary lengths because of it. .. It really got out of hand ;)
In the end, I found it was better for all involved just to tackle the issue and come clean about it.
What sense of freedom I felt when I did that !
You see sometimes we distort the Fear into something so big it takes on a life of it's own!

Take Time out now and Decide:

What would YOU DO If you were not afraid !

Have fun with it.

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