Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beliefs Filter our Experience | NLP is Fun

Dear Friends, did you know that once thoughts become Beliefs They Filter our Experience in just about every way.
This means your behavior is a result of your beliefs.
Everything you do comes from a choice constructed from your beliefs.

NLP has a variety of incredible tools to change what you believe and it is really easy when you understand how beliefs are created,
Sometimes this is useful if your  Limiting beliefs are the opposite of what you want to believe. You will know this because you attempt to do something and don't ever have the "belief juice" to accomplish the goal,

No amount of effort will keep you there when unconsciously you are dissociated from your Self sabotaging action that goes against your best outcome.
Perhaps you have also began to say "I can't _____"

It is quite interesting to know that a thought creates a belief and Not an Experience.
An Experience seems as if it Creates a Belief doesn't it.
At least this is what some Believe.

And, beliefs come from our own representations of experience. In other words what we Think about the experience which is a "Meta Level" of the Experience.
And to top it off, the belief does not become fully formed until we have decided that this is Actually our certain conclusion of this experience.

When we are sure about the Meaning of our Thought and confirm this, We can create a belief.
And once we have "made the belief" now the belief becomes a very strong Filter in our every experience.

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