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Conversational Postulate | Milton Model | NLP is Fun

A Conversational Postulate is a Language pattern that comes from the NLP Milton Model, and is used in Conversational Hypnosis as well as Ericksonian Hypnosis.

It is designed to help a Person to take action now while asking in an indirect way.
A question is Posed or Postulated (seemingly as a suggestion) That gets a Knee jerk order response.
Don't Worry this is going to be even easier than you Thought,  Remember learning NLP is Fun. 
In conversational Hypnosis:
Instead of saying quite clearly
Will you please go and fetch me the pickles

When using a Conversational Postulate You might instead say
Can you pass me the pickles ...

(You could say Yes or no but there is probably a great chance that you actually pick it up and hand it to me).
Let's do some more so you will get the hang of it.

Here are some you might find used in every day language:
Can you pass me that water ?
Will you get me one too ?
Are you going to swing by the house then,  if you do can you get my jacket from over there when you go ?
Do you have the time ?
Can you get the Door ?
Will you get that ?
Is there enough for me?

All of these questions could be answered Yes or No and even so they have provoked a response and the person who posed the questions is expecting the action to be taken.

In Hypnosis:
Will you relax now and quietly consider this is an easy exercise
Perhaps you are going to think of other ways in which you can use this pattern then
Will you sit in this chair and begin to relax now
Can you notice how your breath is slowing down
Can you allow your mind to wander as you begin to let go of your stress
Can you indicate from your unconscious mind perhaps with a signal, perhaps moving your finger ever so slightly, One way or another to signal you agree.
Are you noticing how easy it is once you let go of time consuming  and unhappy thoughts 
Will you go into a trance by going into an altered state of consciousness

In Hypnosis in order to find the answer there is a greater likelihood of the person doing an internal check and experiencing the suggestion.

If the person is nicely relaxed they will enjoy and experience your suggestion and maybe say yes in their mind too.
Certainly they will agree with your suggestion.

Also Persuasive in Business environments:
Want to pick out the one you prefer while I have some left?
I can bring your order to the conference to make your pick up easy, will two boxes do it?
That is a Powerful pitch, It would be amazing to have you host our meeting, can I count on you this Tuesday?
Want to pick up the one we spoke about and let me know how you get on with it?
Would you like me to change your order to one that makes perfect financial sense to you?
Are you still going to get the one you fell in love with earlier?

In Business settings it is still quite like Hypnosis although it is more frequently called Persuasion.
The structure is Rapport based and linked to an association that creates a Kinesthetic response.

Your Turn to practice and use them:
Do you understand how to use them and if so do you think you will be using them now ?
Are you finding yourself studying more now the pattern is simple?

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