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How to Elicit Desired States | NLP is Fun

When eliciting  any desired states you can follow this formula to make sure you have created a change that is lasting at the Deep Structure.

Lets Get Cracking this is going to be quite detailed so you may like to get into a quiet corner and take some notes with a pen and a piece of paper.
If you are ready we will get started.

1. Must be Stated in the Positive.
What exactly would you like ?
Where will this happen ?
Who will be around, too ?
When will this happen ?

2. Must be initiated and also Maintained Independently by the Person who wants the outcome.
Do you need additional resources?
Does this fit your complete ecology?
Are you congruent about this?
Do all of your parts agree?

3. Sensory Evidence is Essential to defining this outcome.
How will you know you have achieved this?
Use full V.A.K.O.G. Sensory experience see link for a detailed description on NLP Representation processing styles..
Visual = What will you see?
Auditory = What will you hear?
Kinesthetic = What will you Feel?
Olfactory = What will you smell?
Gustatory = What will you taste?
As you go along, so that you know you are on the right track and, When you have achieved your outcome.

4. Use Cartesian Coordinates 
See Link for a Detailed Explanation of NLP Cartesian Coordinates

5. Is there a benefit to having or even keeping the problem?
Do a full investigation of any secondary gain to doing the behavior.
Bonus questions:
How do you know the new Outcome is going to be worth it?
When where and with whom does NOT HAVING IT work for you ?

6. Investigate the Full Ecology of the end result
How will this effect:
The whole system of how this person functions
Living situations
Loved ones
Greater Goals and Values
Etc ...

7. Will there be anything different about your life when you have the outcome ?
What exactly will be the Impact of this benefit
Go Meta into detail of the Impact of the Benefit and even the loss of the current situation

8. Are you fully congruent and ready to experience this outcome now? 

9. Future pace
 Use mental drills checking for V.A.K.O.G and spatial submodality cues and shifts.

10. Additional Bonus: 
If you want further clarity you can go through the whole process of 10 steps to congruent Goal achieving to help you get really clear with your desires and then treat yourself to learning more about Well formed outcomes  when you do this you will have secure the outcome that you really want, right up front.

The Questions to Elicit the Present State:
What is the Problem?
How do you know it is a Problem?
How do you do this behavior, How do you know how to have it?
How do you know when to have it, do the behavior ?
How do you know who you should have the problem with ?
How do you know where you should have the Problem?
What stops you from changing the problem ?

How serious are you about Learning NLP and becoming excellent at using it each and every day, what are you doing regularly to improve ?

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