Friday, February 13, 2015

The NLP Meta Model - Surface Structure - Deep Structure - Experience - NLP Language Patterns

The NLP Meta Model is series of Language Patterns used in Neuro linguistic programming. The use of the NLP Meta Model is extremely specific. NLP  Meta Model Language pattern is all about Information gathering.

The NLP Meta Model consists of:

  • The Surface Structure
  • The Deep Structure 
  • The Experience.
The Surface Structure:
If you hear people in NLP speaking about the Surface structure they are speaking about the "Tip of the Iceberg" which is the persons way of  using language via Stories, Metaphor, explanations and details that they want to share with you at any given time.

This communication, has been prepared to be the most pleasing or effective in getting their point across coming from the Conscious Mind and is not necessarily congruent with the whole person.

The Deep Structure:
Is the way in which a Person sorts for information and processes through their own Communication Model.
This Involves their:
Sensory experience
Preferred Processing Style
Meta Programs
Past Experience
Perceptions of Choice and possibility 
And all Unconscious Behavior
Just like their Knee Jerk reactions and responses, that they may not want to make public info.

The Experience:
Is their Conclusion
The Roundup
What they have summarized before they respond to a question you have asked
Their Map and their Reality.
It is the way they have coded and Re Presented the Experience into their Neurology.

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