Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NLP Meta Model Distortion | NLP is Fun

NLP | Neuro linguistic programming has a series of Language Patterns called The Meta Model which is extremely specific. It Challenges the Speaker to begin to clarify what they mean whenever they express themselves ambiguously.

There are Three ways in which The Meta Model is sorted into categories  each categories have specific Language Patterns to determine exactly how the speaker is creating their "Model of The Word" which is an NLP term for way in which they structure their Experience/reality .
Today I am speaking about the Meta Model Distortion which involves 5 ways in which people can distort their information.

"People are suffering because of the economy" 
"This Strategy is Rubbish and doesn't work" 
"You should have some consideration for me"
Verb turned into a Noun or an Event 
(Ask yourself this question) Can the Economy fit into a wheel barrow ?
(Ask yourself This Question) Can that Strategy fit into a wheel barrow?
(Ask yourself This Question) Can Consideration fit into a wheel barrow?

No, because (The Economizing) is an on going process that often changes every day, it is not a thing. 
No, because ( Strategizing) is an on going process that can change every day, it is not a thing. 
No, because (Considering) is an on going process that  can change every day, it is not a thing.
Add "ing" to the process and keep the conversation going until the person takes ownership of the specifics.

Challenging your Nominalization makes a persons choice of words less Challenging .
You learn who the subject is and turn the Noun back into a Verb. This clears up any confusion about who is doing what. and it is no longer confusing.

Cause / Effect 
"If you hadn't scared me, I wouldn't have shouted at you"
"He started it and I finished it"
Doing ________________ Caused _________________
How did an independent act cause you to respond in the way you did, these instances are unrelated. A Person chooses how to respond depending on their Internal Map.

Mind Reading
"She won't leave him, she luuuuurves him" 
"He is going to be drunk when he gets home"
Assuming without confirmation from the source
Did she/He tell you that?, How do you know that?

Complex Equivalence
"Chocolate gives you spots"
"Cloudy Sky Means Rain" 
"Cold Ice Cream Means I am going to have Brain Freeze"
__________always Means ________________

Lost Performative
"That's  a silly thing to say"
Ambiguous Value Judgement, See More here  

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