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NLP - Act as If | NLP is Fun

NLP Pattern "Act as if" | NLP is Fun 
There are times when each of us is set with the challenge of learning something brand new or being in an unfamiliar role. One of the main things to overcome is, being nervous or lacking the confidence that inevitably comes with experience.

Not only That this pattern trains your brain by acting as if it has already happened. This changes your beliefs in the area of high anticipation and deep expectation.

For people who are Manifesting, getting into the amplified feeling of high expectation is essential to your success.

NLP offers an arsenal of resources to assist in this area.
Today we will learn to Act as if !
We can use this as a framework to add to or take away from in any capacity that we can think of before, During and after an Event.

#1 Think of the situation you are not sure of your competency in, and want to improve in today.

#2 Choose a mentor, somebody you believe would have a wealth of knowledge in this area (that you wish to learn from and improve in) this mentor can be Dead or Alive, known or unknown to you.

#3 Find the Limitation in your own beliefs and turn it into a sentence for example: I don't believe I can _________ .

#4 In your mind now tell the Limitation to your mentor, explain all the reasons why you feel this way.

#5 Receive all of the encouragement that your mentor is offering to you, including any feedback sandwiches and questions your mentor asks you that lead to positive action on your part.

Your Mentor may say things like:
“You are very good at _____ and you consistently demonstrate expertise in ______ perhaps you could invest some time in learning _______ which will add to your confidence while doing _________”
“And what stands in the way of ________”
“If you achieved ______________ what would change in your life if anything.
“Are you prepared to commit to the process of being _____________________.”
And so on.

#6 In your mind now, demonstrate to yourself walking through the process that will work for you. Feel the support of your mentor who is assisting and observing you. Now begin to notice exactly what steps are making all of the difference to improving this process and leading to your success.
Explain what you have done differently, to your mentor that is now working for you.

#7 Your mentor asks you if you feel competency in this area now on a scale of 1-10 and asks for you to go through the steps of the process and refine it until you feel complete confidence in this area.

#8 It is now Showtime and time to demonstrate your skill, Imagine doing so in front of a large Audience of family and friends who all support you and are cheering you on.
You now have a chance to sail through the process and demonstrate your improvement, Just Imagine their applause and approval as they marvel at how much you have improved in such a remarkably short space of time.

In the meantime, Act as if for any situation that you are hoping to grow into.
Go there first in your own mind as many times as you like, fairly soon you will take your desire on board unconsciously.

The beauty of this is that your unconscious actions now become congruent with your conscious wants.
Even though this is a fast piece of work, you can take as much time with it as you like, building up and layering beliefs one on top of another.
Most of all have some fun with it.

Act as if by rehearsing these mental drills a few times daily to really get in the flow of it.
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Do the exercises provided and change your Neurology.
You can do it for sure.

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