Monday, May 4, 2020

What is a Yes Set | NLP is Fun

If you are in sales you may have heard of a Yes set and you may not yet be sure what exactly that is.

Let's go through it shall we.
A Yes set will look and sound like this

So you made it then ?
Was it raining when you left?
Did you get my text this Morning?

Now that is three yes's
Isn't it, assuming the person said yes.

The way to get the yes is by asking questions you undeniably know the answer is going to be yes to.

Then you ask a real question you want a Yes answer to either directly or setting it up with a couple soft and cozy ones first.

Like this:

"So you are coming to football on Tuesday then "
They agree and say Yes.

Liverpool killed it against (whomever) did you see the match
2 more yes's

"You gonna bring your kit and play this time"
They agree and say yes.

Is Holly over yours ...Yep

Gonna sign up for team training ?
yeah might as well.

So now they have said yes to you about signing up for your course.

And the person unconsciously has been programmed to say yes.

It is not an exact science, so you need to calibrate your pace and lead ratio.
As always go with your instinct.

Now you have a go !
Remember you need loads of Rapport as that will make a big difference to the level of ease the person feels.

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