Monday, November 29, 2010

NLP Sales Coaching with December Bonus Offer

Recently I have worked with a series of People whom I have helped with Sales Coaching.
I have been asked repeatedly "How come you don't have a Sales Coaching Package", so after Much Thought I have designed a Sales Coaching Package of the NLP s Fun in Las Vegas Site.

Here were some of the things I took into consideration:

The Pricing is Super Low because when a person is Having difficulty with Sales more outgoing can be stressful so I have priced it at an Incredible Gift price for the simple reason to help you get back on your Feet again, and because it will be my Holiday Gift for the month of December.
In January the Package will change and the Pricing goes Up, Get it while you can at this Price.

When Your Hot - Your Hot and When your Not ... You know the rest..
The Main problem that Sales Persons have is the inability to maintain a state of Congruence, Super highs and Low Lows are often the norm with people who have difficulty with Sales.
The Package is a wealth of information and Strategies I have Developed.

Time Commitments
I have committed to giving you plenty of Time to reap the rewards of this Program, Most of it is done via Email which lends needed flexibility to the program with one 30 Minute Skype Call each week to Chat.

Initial Consultation Bonus
I have Given a 60 minute Initial Consultation, to begin with so that we may have a chance to Chat and I can get the full situation you are in at the moment.

The Value of this package is easily salable for more than I am asking, and my real Gift is the fact I really would like to have those of you benefit from it while it is priced so Low through the month of December.
I appreciate you taking advantage of it Now while I have it to offer you.

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