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How to Ground yourself in Love | The Self Love Process | NLP is Fun

In times that we need state management help fast I have found that if we do nothing more than just change to this one thought so much else shifts.
The Need to have a loving relationship with ourselves first is real. This is the reason I created the Self love Process.

Focus on Love 

When you are focused on Love some amazing things begin to happen immediately.
It is impossible to think of love without having an entire Physiological shift which stands to reason because the very thought of love changes your brain chemistry your heart will reprogram your mind and your mind will also reprogram your heart.

This practice works brilliantly at home and at work and indeed in any challenging situation when you want to be in a place of strong alignment.
Remember no body knows what is going on in your mind, so take the time to do some good stuff in there.

The list of ways in which this helps is endless and completely up to you.
In the following paragraphs, I have included how focusing on Love will help you to reframe your internal representations so that they are more useful.

Just by focusing on Love, it becomes a Filter, a way of perceiving your current reality.
In Conflict resolution / Decision making
You begin to see annoying human beings as individuals in an objective even empathetic way
You can release Anger easily instead of "striking to kill"
You are able to make a human connection when previously you could not
You can release any Fear and letting go of past pain
Your heart does all the work making forgiveness easy
The need to confront others over fearful imaginations disappear
You expect the best from yourself and others
You can say what you mean in a tactful, firm and caring way for all involved
You can come from an objective point of view and understand the greater picture

Self Esteem / Positive Outlook
You begin to feel peace within yourself and you can see yourself in a brand new light
Anxiety disappears and solutions appear
It becomes very easy to feel gratitude and focus on all you do have
Your options grow as you no longer need to hold on to past destructive patterns
You find yourself becoming more agreeable and flexible
You become more radiant as you release all tension and stress
You attract greater people and opportunity just by being willing and open
You have no need to over compensate because you know you are enough
You negotiate for what you are worth as you understand your true value
You take control of your own life instead of allowing others to control you

Focusing on love is another way to meditate in the moment and only takes a split second to begin the process. Before engaging in acts of unloving behavior with yourself or others take a moment to ground yourself in love.

These Exercises come from the Self love Process to Find out more about the Self love process then please click here.

Center yourself and focus and notice how much better you are able to relate to yourself and others. As you begin to look for the good in each situation you truly begin to grow and become more and more resourceful, more experienced and more able to take on greater projects in life and business as your tolerance expands.

Ground yourself in Love 

Here is an exercise I designed and use often with myself and my clients, enjoy it, and notice how quickly and easily it begins to work its magic with you too.

How to / The Pattern 
Sit in a comfortable chair
Close your eyes and relax gently
Remember a time when you felt engulfed in love
Feel those sensations in your body
Notice you are even beginning to smile
Take a moment to enjoy all the physical sensations of that experience
Slow your breathing down and just be present in the moment
Hear what you heard, see what you saw, Feel what you felt
Feel a great wash of that love flowing over you again from head to toe
Notice how your nerve endings are tingling everywhere all over your body
Deep Breathe again and inhale the moment Exhale any Fear
(In your mind say) I am loved
(In your mind say) I am love
(In your mind say) I am lovable
(In your mind say) I am loving
(In your mind say) I am allowed to love myself
(In your mind say) I give myself permission to release fear and instead I accept love
Breathe in and Exhale any past unloving behavior

*Check for internal congruence and Test Operate until you find it within you, when you have it say the following:

My unconscious mind positively accepts that I am loving and lovable
Notice all the pleasing vibrations & physical sensations of this congruence
My thoughts are loving and lovable
My actions are loving and lovable
I am proud of who I am becoming
My heart Mind are connected

*Future pace
Your state with something that was previously a challenge
Notice how now you can congruently find positive pleasing alternatives and solutions
Make mental notes of the next steps in your course of action when you become fully present
When you are satisfied become present and back to the room.

What is The Self love Process ?
Find out here

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  1. Great! Your article is really interesting. I like it! It's good to know that you affiliated NLP with this kind of topic.

    As they say, "You can't give what you don't have." That's the reason why you should love yourself more, right?

    NLP starts with loving yourself. Right?
    If you want to know more, you can check out

    1. Kai you can read my article on this blog about The self love Process which gives real instructions on how to love yourself more. Thank you for your comment.


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