Friday, November 6, 2009

NLP Technique -"The Threshold Pattern"

Our Next Study Group will be a demonstration and Practice of the "Threshold Pattern".

I have chosen The Threshold Pattern as I feel it is a fitting pattern to close out the Year with.

This Pattern will apply to anyone who has reached a point of movement within themselves for wanting change to occur Now in their lives.

Toward the End of the Year is a Great time to reflect on all of your successes and accomplishments and the Goals that you have not yet accomplished.

"The Threshold Pattern" will help you to Take action and start to master your Mind. Overcoming the Fear that had held you back in the past and remembering all your memories of this habit - Pain - Fear from the past. Reliving in a fully associated state several different instances of when this has been an issue before.

The fact is, it easy to get stuck in a rut at times. These things happen little by little and there are many different reasons for us to unconsciously begin an undesirable habit, at the time we may feel there is a certain amount of "Payoff" that out weighs the inconvenience of the undesirable habit Traits.

As long as we are still compromising our Authentic values for the "Payoff" we will be in what we at times call a "Stuck State", yes we may feel frustrated .. although not enough to be successful with the Threshold pattern.

The Threshold pattern will be effective when we have decided the "payoff" is no longer appealing to us and we are congruent with that.

At this point our focus is now fully associated to the pain of the Experience and the undesirable habit or behavior.

Our Values now become important again and we are able to redefine our Value's and have clarity in our Desires.

We are able to reach a permanent paradigm shift to our association with the habit or behavior.

What makes the pattern so effective is the Repulsion and Disgust with the previous behavior that you are willing to face and connect with Now, and how many times and how vividly you are willing to connect with it.

If you are planning to do this by yourself get a feel of it first as it works really well when done quickly to engage the Unconscious Mind.

Think of 5 Times at least when you were Embarrassed Humiliated and generally felt awful about the Habit/Behavior.

Imagine a Grand Scale Movie Screen. Make yourself the starring role and relive the Embarrassment, Pain, Humiliation and awful feeling as you see and hear the habit or behavior in play. *** Amplify all Submodalities *** (Senses)

Repeat this for each time that you remember this habit or behavior in action at Least 5 and do it very quickly.

Now Replay all of it in one Massive big movie of you doing the behavior /habit and commit to fully feel the disgust and repulsion of your own Accountability in this habit/behavior and just notice how pathetic you participating in the whole habit/behavior really was at the time.


Crank it up until you are so Physically disgusted that you know congruently that will never be your life again !

Future Pace and make sure you are sure you are over it if faced with the Option in the future.

If needed run as many times as necessary until you are thoroughly sick of the Idea of you doing the habit/behavior.

Do it until you get it .... Be Sure to RSVP Now  if you would like to join us.

Remember at the foundation of any habit or behavior that is not enhancing your life is an abundance of Fear.

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