Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fritz Perls Founder of Gestalt Therapy

Fritz Perls Creator of Gestalt Therapy and an early influence to Richard Bandler co Creator of Neuro Linguistic 
Has been spoken of as one of the Greatest Therapists of all time.
His Gestalt Therapy is an underlying Influence of NLP.
I have included these links so those of you who are 
unfamiliar with his work can now see him in action.
It is remarkable that these video's are available at all and Ihope you will find this insightful and useful.



  1. Hey there Nadia,

    I thought, near the birth of NLP, Bandler concluded Gestalt Therapy was pretty much ludicrous and ineffectual. I thought, in that respect, Gestalt Therapy had a huge impact in the development of NLP - it further inspired Bandler to dig deeper and find what was actually working.

    Now I say "I thought" because I'm obviously storing an inaccurate bit of trivia here... can you fill me in on the true relationship between Gestalt Therapy and NLP?

    Thanks, Sean

    P.S. Thanks for taking the time to post these videos - very interesting stuff. :D

  2. Hey Sean,

    Thank you for your Comment.

    Well you are right in that Gestalt Therapy was an Influence to Richard Bandler (RB) and in the developing stages of NLP.

    (Of course there are many other amazing influences as well which I will mention in a blog at a later date).

    RB while editing Fritz Perls Book had such a Deep Trance Identification with Fritz Perls from watching his Movies Listening to Tapes and reading his Papers that during the course of editing the book "The Gestalt Approach" RB was able to finish the last chapter, Modeling himself on Fritz Perls.
    It is notable at the time that no one was able to spot the transition in the book.

    This happened in the early 1970's although the book published in 1973. RB was so interested in exploring Gestalt Therapy further received necessary College Credit by running his own Gestalt Study Group in California.

    (RB was well known for Exploring Technologies that he was interested in and wished to experiment with, even so later in early NLP Seminars).

    Later he met John Grinder (JG) who was a Talented professor of linguistics at Santa Cruz University.

    RB was interested in having JG help him to Model Fritz Perls because he was linguistic Professor at Santa Cruz University, expert and advocate on the Tranformational Grammer & Syntactic Structures of Noam Chromsky.

    (Many people have discredited Gestalt therapy in the same way that they have attempted to disprove NLP as Gestalt Therapy has a context free frame, focusing on the Process and the outcome not unlike NLP).

    Gestalt Therapy similarities can be seen in some other forms of the human potential movement due to it's experiential Intent on moving the process forward.

    Bandler Later made distinctions between Gestalt Therapy Behavioral practices he believed to be ineffective and made further distinctions in the area of Submodalities and Milton Ericksonian Hypnosis.

    I am sure you have heard one of RB's Favourite Terms "THe Rapist" as he is not an advocate for Therapy as he explains NLP achieves faster and more thorough break thrus.

    Fans of Neuro Linguistic Programming can learn much from the Lifetime work of Fritz Perls and a Glance into part of the original Idea's that influenced the Launch of this Amazing Technology.

    In these days many have added, taken away and Ranted about what some might call Early NLP.

    NLP is a state of mind you decide what is useful to you.

    My Grandmother had a Morris Minor Traveller years ago when I was a wee Lass. At the time we thought it was great as she would take us all over the place in it and we looked forward to the weekends when she would come and get us.
    It turns out that because the Morris Minor was such great value, it later lost its appeal not before it Won several awards for it standards.

    People in the UK stopped Buying Morris Minors considering it outdated and unstylish.

    Other cars seemed more Trendy and Sexy even.

    Funny thing is,Fast Forward 2009 the developer of the Morris Minor 1000 also developed "The Mini' and was Knighted even because of it.

    I find it quite interesting that now a Morris Minor has its own appreciation society. Young and old, collect these cars and have found they were really good after all.

    Be well,


  3. Wow. Thank you. That is an awesome response! Thanks for taking the time to write it and give me the lowdown. I actually think it was RB TheRapist "routine" that led me to the wrong conclusions. NLP has such an interesting history. I'm going to have to read up on it. I imagine the fluctuation of opinions over time, the actual development, and personalities involved make for exciting stories.

    thanks again!


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