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What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why NLP works to change your mind | NLP is Fun

What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why Neuro linguistic programming works to change your mind.

Did you know the single most import aspect of physiology and more importantly a physiological shift is to change your breathing.

To change your breathing, instantly changes your physiological state. If you do not believe me, just take a deep breath now.
If you would like to enhance this do more breaths, breathe more slowly, and notice what happens.

When you shift your breathing pattern, you literally shift your physiological state of being. 

What is the single most important aspect of physiology and why NLP works to change your mind | NLP is Fun

Changing your breathing pattern changes how you feel, here is another example: Think of something that really scares you, now notice your breathing. Did your breathing change? 

All of the exercises that we call patterns in NLP are designed to shift your state from Present state to a desired state. 

Why NLP works to change your mind

Now there are other things you can do to make it even better. Let's talk about using Neuro linguistic programming to change your physiology and why it works.

Your mind and body are a Cybernetic loop. Use your mind to think and you will feel. Change your breathing and you will regulate how you feel unconsciously.

So, this being agreed, to take it a step further you are the sum total of what you are thinking and how this makes you feel.

Your mind and body are an interchangeable unit.

The sounds and pictures are creating stories in your mind and your body is demonstrating how this is making you feel.

In Neuro linguistic programming we call these Internal representations. How you are representing reality internally (Inside your mind).

Also, as you exercise and or use exercise as part of your well-being on a daily basis, it will become easier to manage your emotions. Exercise can change brain chemistry in such a way that you notice great feelings very quickly.

Simply standing up, sitting up, and or jumping are examples of changing your physiology and shifts your consciousness which changes your mind.

We may have been told it has to be hard or strenuous exercise that does this although as we have discovered simply breathing is physical and also changes our psychology. 
Think of meditation for example, many who practice meditation feel feelings of peace and wellbeing in their body.

An example of combining movement and breath is Yoga. In NLP we combine breathing and using the sensory awareness of the mind to create altered states of consciousness that we call mental drills.

This is why NLP works to change your mind literally.

We pay attention to details of experience while relaxing and modifying how we notice we are feeling using our mind.

The best way to manage our emotions when things get tricky is to relax. All relaxation is done by slowing down our breathing.

We may want to create a feeling of anticipation, and this will be done by spinning our feelings in combination with using sensory awareness internally and this will change our breathing also.

One of the single more important aspects of noticing a physiological shift is to watch a person's breathing rate change. We will calibrate this in our communication to understand how a person is receiving our communication and if we are in rapport with them.

When we are in rapport you may notice we will breathe at the same tempo. As a Trainer of Neuro linguistic programming when I am speaking to a large group of people, I will set the tone by creating a pattern of breathing so we can all become harmonized and in good energy.  Good rapport feels like good energy and can be seen in body matching, breathing matching, heart rate matching to name a few.

Next time you want to change your move just decide to shift, change your breathing, perhaps sit upright, look up, get outside, change your position and use your mind to move the problem behind you just to go a step further.

Consider the power of how changing your breathing changes your mind, let me know how this works for you and while you are here be sure to enjoy some of the other posts on various other topics about Neuro linguistic programming.



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