Saturday, December 10, 2022

How to use Neuro linguistic programming to shift your state within Minutes | NLP is Fun

How to use Neuro linguistic programming to shift your state within minutes.

There is always time to take care of yourself emotionally we can consider it part of our daily routine.  Here are four easy actions to master this right now.

Use NLP to Shift your State | NLP is Fun

  • Interrupt the problem and shift your attention inward.
  • Slow you breathing down 3 times and 3 breaths each and watch all thoughts fly away.
  • Slow your heartrate down claim your desired state into being and relax.
  • Shift your state and connect to your best self in body and mind.
Taking control of how you feel is essential in Neuro linguistic programming and we call your mood your state (of being).

NLP is based on the principle that you prioritize your state to become highly effective. Each NLP pattern focuses on using sensory acuity to manage your state.

The exercise demonstrated uses Kinesthetic responses to Interrupt the pattern and shift your physiology while imagining something better for yourself while in this state,

When you manage your mood (state) you feel better and more capable of doing more, more easily, more consistently.
How to use NLP to shift your state within minutes|#NadiaNLP 
It is far easier to imagine better for yourself once you have shifted your state.

Energetically you may say you have "raised your vibration" which many say is the perfect state for manifestation of more of what you really want. 

Remember managing your state is easier than you think and simpler than you think, the benefits of doing so are endless. You may enjoy this and if you let me know how it works for you.

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