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Can NLP cure Anxiety | NLP is Fun

 Can Neuro linguistic programming cure anxiety 

Neuro linguistic programming improves the way that we relate to ourselves. In doing so recovering an impoverished emotional experience.

By Impoverished, I mean not having the best experience in any given situation. NLP is the art of improving a person's internal sensory awareness to create a more optimized experience.

Perhaps we can consider what happens to a person who has anxiety asking them to describe the experience that they are having.

Can NLP cure Anxiety | NLP is Fun 

It is more likely an NLP Practitioner would ask a person to describe how they are feeling at the moment and what they perceive to be the problem they need help with. The NLP Practitioner will then lead them into an internal discovery of how they are creating the state of consciousness they are currently experiencing.

If the person says "I notice myself breathing rapidly and my heart rate is faster than usual and also I am seeing pictures of something devastating happening, I am saying something that makes me even more afraid" etc.

Now the NLP Practitioner has something to work with and will take a client through a series of NLP patterns that transform this experience at present time to something better in the future if it were to arise again.
There will be several tests the Practitioner performs with the client to notice what happens until it seems to be resolved.

One thing to consider is that NLP is not therapy and for that reason is not a cure for any type of disorder including Anxiety which may have been diagnosed by a medical or psychiatric professional.

NLP is Not Therapy and is interested in how this behavior is being constructed

Neuro linguistic programming is more interested in how behavior is created, how it is constructed within each client than considering behavior to be a static state of being.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who studied Gestalt therapy at length as well as the work and patterns of famed family therapist Virginia Satire and Dr Milton Erickson.

If a person had been diagnosed with Anxiety, they will find numerous patterns that will help soothe and transform a state of anxiety physiologically very quickly.

The idea of a cure of anything implies linguistically a problem, and Neuro linguistic programming considers the value of creating a state of enhanced performance within every context.

NLP can help to ease sensations of anxiety, and this has been documented by Steve Andreas who was licensed therapist as well as a leading contributor to the field of NLP . Here are a few videos demonstrating his excellent work that can be found on You tube.

Remember NLP does not ever attempt to be a substitute for any medical diagnosis perhaps more of an ally and I am not a Medical dr or a psychiatrist.

If you find this to be helpful, please drop a note of what you have done and how this is working for you, to your health.

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