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What is NLP in simple words | NLP is Fun

What is Neuro linguistic programming in simple words

In simple words Neuro linguistic programming is the study of subjective experience. To be more specific I will give a little more information.

What is NLP in simple words | NLP is Fun

The Definition is Neuro linguistic programming allow me to break up these words to give you a foundation.

Neuro = Represents sensory awareness which is categorized by the following:

Visual = What you can see 
Auditary = What you can hear 
Kinesthetic = What you can feel
Olfactory / Gustatory = What you can smell and taste
This is the basis of a person's internal representations which means how a person perceives their own reality.

Neuro linguistic programmers believe that reality is different in every single person demonstrated by how they put their senses together to make their own pictures of what is happening, what has happened and what will happen.

Linguistic = How people use language to explain their Model of the world / How they use language to code their reality and how we as Neuro linguistic programmers use language to improve their reality.

There are three Language patterns in particular used in Neuro Linguistic programming one is called the Meta model which is a model used within a therapeutic context.

The second Language pattern is called the Milton Model which is a model for Hypnotic suggestion.
The Third Language pattern is Sleight of Mouth which is used to change beliefs within any context.

Programming = To Reframe a context that is no longer useful to the operator / client who comes for a change

What is Neuro linguistic programming in simple words | #NadiaNLP

Neuro linguistic programmers use language skillfully to create a lasting change for a client.
This can be through using an NLP pattern that creates the element of choice for an undesirable habit or challenge.

Many of these patterns create relief to the clients who come to NLP Practitioners for change work or NLP Coaching sessions. 

To Summarize the techniques a Neuro linguistic programmer uses are based on an expanded model of Personal development the objective is always for the betterment of relating to the problem in a different way as well as improving relationships in general and specifically.

Relating to self differently, relating to others differently and focusing on how we can cooperate and move forward.

I hope this is helpful and I am interested to know what you like the most about NLP so drop me a line.
If you are interested in more tips and posts about Neuro linguistic programming, please enjoy any one of the other many posts that can be found here.

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