Friday, September 26, 2014

Let go of it and stick with it - Old habits are Dead

Let go of it and stick with it Old habits are dead 

The past has Passed, let it go once and for all 

Overcoming a Habit, something you really wanted to stop is something you can maintain. Forever, when you decide Old habits are dead to you.

I mean have you heard of the fella who packed up smoking for 20 years and something happened and rattled his nerves and he picked up the fags again.

Or the person who had a problem with drugs and overcame it for years and years and then suddenly started up again, seemingly out of the blue.

Tell your self, the old habits you once had are dead, they do not exist only in memory which needs to be rewired and cut permanently.

So you just decide, are you leaving the door ajar, or do you want to absolutely disconnect from it and put it behind you.

I say Old habits are dead, what say you ?
Try as you might it is futile to go back to old habits you have fully committed to overcoming .

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