Monday, November 21, 2011

Change your mood quickly with Positive Anchors

Since we are sensory beings we should take every opportunity to use what is already available to change moods in ourselves and others.

We can find Anchors that we already have set, and fire them when we like.
Another word for an Anchor is a Conditioned response. Something we react to without really thinking about it.

Anchoring becomes part of our hard wiring locked into our neurology and can be used to create great responses when we like.

If you would like to take it a step further and learn about Chaining Anchors then check out the post.

On the other hand some triggers are not useful and create moods in us that take us to unhappy places, this can happen repeatedly in people and they may not even notice.

Here are some positive Anchors I can think of.

Auditory / Sounds = That Trigger strong Emotion
Bob Marley = Strong positive mood

You Try Any:
love Song
Nursery rhyme
Great Dance song
Song from your Youth
Important Speech
Or more ..

I used to hear Bob Playing more than a little bit when I was a child, so listening to him at any time creates strong positive feelings, and reminds me of what I wanted to achieve as a child.

Olfactory / Smells =  That Trigger strong Emotion

Cream Coconut = Happy

You Try Any:
House cleaning agent
And more ..

I cannot smell this without thinking about Happy times when I was a little girl and waiting for the Rice and Peas to cook every Sunday. just smelling it takes me back to those, and many times since.

Kinesthetic  / Touch = That Trigger strong Emotion
Angora Wool = Cozy

You Try Any:

Texture of any kind
Cold / Hot
Anything you can feel that quickly triggers an Emotion

I remember the power of Angora against the freezing cold snow to the point where I could even be too warm in this lovely wool.

Gustatory / Taste  = That Trigger strong Emotion
Tomato Sandwich = Fulfillment

You Try Any:
Taste that takes you to another mood and place

I remember our Family enjoying Tomato Sandwiches and relaxing together, on picnics and more.

Visual / Seeing = That Trigger strong Emotion
The Beach = A combination of lots of different positive feelings

You Try Any:
Visual that instantly changes your mood.
This Visual pulls deep into other sensory experience
For example:

I can smell it
I can see it
I can imagine how the sand feels
I can taste the Salty water
I can hear the seagulls and waves crashing

The more the senses are engaged the more powerful the feeling.
Have fun with it.

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