Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clean Change

Many of you will remember I interviewed Judy Rees  co author of Clean Language which is a brilliant simple and effective book which I highly recommend.
If you don't have your copy yet, you can purchase one here below.

What you  may not know is, I was also her first video's demo subject for the Clean change cards Want to see ?
I must warn you at one point there is a little background noise as we were in her Garden but I wouldn't let that stop you from gaining from the conversation. Just thinking of it now, I remember just what a pleasure Judy is to speak to and how much we enjoyed ourselves that day in her lovely English Garden.

So for those of you who had difficulty hearing past the Overhead untimely airplanes here is a list of the Clean Language Questions.

Developing Questions

And what kind of X is that ?
And is there anything else about X ?
And where is X and whereabouts is X ?
and that is X like what ?
And is there a relationship between X and Y ?
And when X what happens to Y ?

Sequence and source Questions

And then what happens ? / And what happens next ?
And what happens just before X ?
And where could X come from ?

Intention questions 

And what would X like to have happen ?
And what needs to happen for X ?
And can X happen ?

So lets Do another Demo
The Questions are in Bold 
The Answers are below

Developing Questions

Opening statement : Using Clean Language is another great resource to add to your toolset

Q) And what kind of toolset is that
A) more skills to get more thorough results
Q) Is there anything else about your toolset 
A) yes it is always growing
Q) And where is your toolset 
A) In my head /In my heart
Q) And that is head like / And that is heart like
A) clever /  Love
Q) And is there a relationship between Head and Heart
A) Yes, I love being clever
Q) And when Clever what happens to heart 
A) Heart is full and happy

Sequence and source questions

Q )And when you are Happy what happens next
A) All is well with the world
Q) And what happens just before All is well with the world
A) All is not well with the world and I am afraid
Q) And where could fear come from
A) Fear of failure

Intention questions

Q) And what would Happy like to have happen
A) I would like to have more of it
Q) And what needs to happen for more of it
A) I need to believe I can have it
Q) And can you be happy
A) Yes I can be happy

Can you understand how using these questions in combination or separately can add to your refining the outcomes in your coaching and internal processes.

Have some fun with them, I look forward to knowing your progress.

Nisada Coaching

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