Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NLP - Language Pattern - But Don't

In NLP and Hypnosis we often use language patterns purposefully that we are already really familiar with and using at unconscious levels to get what we want.

In this case I have put together a few examples of how we can stack language pattern combinations in just one sentence.

Remember words are powerful and evoke responses at an unconscious level by mere suggestion, ask any Hypnotist, Business Person, Mother, Wife, Husband, Teacher, Coach, Trainer, Leader, Manager, Poet, Storyteller , Historian ...... What we all have in common is the power to make progress and influence the end result.

Let us have some more fun with Language, when learning new language patterns Keep it simple, practice and build it up with experiences.

The better you get at them the more combinations you can stack together and use them in Hypnosis intended  to make progress with your suggestions for light, conversational, waking and Deep Trance.

Have you ever heard anything like this before ?

We can find multiple language patterns in each of these statements But Don't concern yourself with that, First focus on how many way's you can find to include "But Don't" in your own sentences to influence an outcome in your favor.

Like this:
Q) Would you like a cup of Tea
A) Are you having one ... I will if you are But Don't make one just for me ..

This Pattern will be useful when you use it tomorrow to get what you want but don't take my word for it just remember last time you heard these patterns work seamlessly for yourself.

" That nail polish you like is on sale at the department store"
"Really  are you going that way,  I would love to get some more of that fire engine red color, But don't bother to go out of your way just for me 

I know your eyelids are getting heavier but don't close them just yet before you relax a bit more and take another deep breath now just for me ..

The yellow dress looks the best on you but don't wear the one I like please yourself if you prefer the other one.

Having fun with words can be a great way to challenge your mind but don't get too good at it will you 

You probably will realize you are using these word combinations already But Don't forget to use great rapport at the same time other wise they may come across as too pushy.

And Also
Have some fun with it But don't Like and share my blog post  so you can continue to be head and shoulders above the competition.

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