Friday, November 18, 2011

So you want to learn NLP

I started this Blog to show people that learning NLP can be fun and easy.
So in NLP speak some of the Presuppositions in this statement then are:

Here are some Presuppositions
NLP is not fun
There are people
People are interested in learning NLP
People can have fun,
Learning NLP is going to be Fun

Perhaps you have already attended one of our NLP Trainings before and learned how to think outside of the
Box while having fun with us. NLP has a unique set of Tools that quickly and easily help us put together strategies to think outside of the box.

Make Sense
To create lasting change in our thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing = which makes perfect sense, doesn't it since we are always calibrating with our senses becomes a realistic Outcome.

Our Main NLP study site in NLP is Fun in Las Vegas where I first founded The number one NLP and Hypnosis Study group in Las Vegas over 4 years ago now.
Our largest area's of focus are Teaching life time tools to busy professional people who come to us at various stages in their NLP development.

Some want to learn NLP and have no knowledge of it, but have heard something interesting about it.
Some have read an NLP book and are curious
Some have taken an NLP Course and want some coaching and direction in how to use NLP
Some have been studying NLP for years and want to find new and creative ways to use NLP in special situations
Some are Trainers of NLP and want to learn how to breakthrough their own barriers
Some want to focus on one learning area or niche to become  and expert in one specific area

Although we all want different things usually the common ground is Improvement. Which is:
 "I want to Improve my understanding of NLP".

Sound Familiar
As a strategist, I wanted to understand why some people were not more confident in their applications of NLP.

I learned that NLP is often taught in a way that is hard to follow and know what you know.
Some NLP Trainers teach NLP at an unconscious level and provide unconscious installations only and then you go home and don't really know what you know, but you know you know something new and different and your pretty sure your life is improved.

Then somebody asks you what did you learn .. and you don't know.
Sound familiar ?

Some NLP trainers Teach Meticulous rigid and boring NLP theory and lofty ideas about unconscious applications that never quite get off the ground in practice. Then you can speak about NLP at length and sound as if you know what you are talking about to somebody who has less knowledge than you and you cannot and do not apply NLP in every day life.

Take out the guesswork 
My Take on it is a combination of Unconscious Installation, Living metaphor and Theory I have found NLP can be learned much easier and more joyfully applied easily using this combination.

A light trance state is usually appealing and can help get past the what if madness of focusing on what they don't know that people may loop while learning new important information.

Just like Nike said __________ Do it !

At this time of year we typically slow things down a bit on our training's and take stock of what we have learned in 2011. We fine tune and prepare our exciting and brand new programmes for 2012 at the moment we have two more training's to deliver in 2011.

What about you what will you reprogramme in 2012 ?

If you like NLP is fun then you will love 
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Remember Thinking outside of the box creates more choices, and the person with the largest arsenal of choices Wins, so give it a shot.

What can you do to begin to think outside of the Box today ?

Nisada Coaching

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