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10 Steps that Powerfully transform your Emotions in 4 Minutes | NLP is Fun

10 Steps that Powerfully Transform your Emotions in 4 Minutes 

Neuro linguistic programming is perfect for creating lasting and effective change. With your emotions as well as helping other people to get out of a "stuck state" too.

We call this Changing your state or State change and much of NLP is about going from one state to another depending on what you want. It may be that you want to break the pattern of one state and then go into another state that leads to a "Chain" of reactions all leading into the congruent elements of a desired state.

Or perhaps you can go from an unhappy state state into a cozy state and now the original problem is not being experienced and there is now room for other possibilities. I am sure you know there are Infinite possibilities and they can often be found once you have shifted your state. If you are experiencing a state of survival the choice more frequently than not appears to be limited.

NLP is fun is all about huge shifts from a Problem to a desired state as efficiently as possible in the least amount of time, and if it is simple and fun it may seem "doable" to more people. Remember a "Trance" is what you are focusing on and it is that which has all of your attention. It is very easy to shift your attention.

Interrupt the pattern by focusing on something you like, and fill in the details of how much you would love that.

Relax and have a Treat

Consider the statement "Energy flows where attention goes". This may be a definition of consciousness that sounds something like this: Your reality is subjective to your experience.

What you are experiencing Seems Extremely real and you are experiencing it with all of your attention and highlighting all of the detail.

What you are experiencing with all of your attention may become your "intention" albeit unconsciously. Another way of saying that is you are creating your experience. Your experience is based on your beliefs and your beliefs can very easily change using NLP.

I am sure if your beliefs are affecting your emotions in the opposite direction of what you love, it is worth sourcing a change for the better.

What if it were possible, would you like to create a shift ?

  1. Bring all of your attention inward and focus on your breathing pattern close your eyes and desensitize the problem you were focusing on.
  2. Slow your breathing down 3 breaths in and 3 Breaths out.
  3. Breathe as slowly as you can and focus on holding the breath as long as you can before releasing it slowly.
  4. Slow your heart rate down using your mind and speaking it in to being ("I have the power to slow my heart rate down")
  5. Think of yourself as having the ability to affect how your body works as well as your mind.
  6. watch all of thoughts fly away on the back of a beautifully patterned butterfly right in between their wings for safe keeping ( you can decide later if you still need them or dissolve them).
  7. Relax deeper, tell yourself to let it go 
  8. Notice the new sensations of calm and relief of relaxation in your body.
  9. Decide to feel good because you can and indeed it feels wonderful.
  10. Focus on visualizing what you really want while maintaining this state of being.
* Bonus Tip:
Consider Amplifying this great state by spinning your feelings and sitting in the state longer to immerse yourself in it even further and right before your reach peak intensity anchor it using any sensory stimulus like pressing your thumb to your finger or pressing two fingers on your neck.
You will then be able to press it later on and recreate that exact state, it works as a sensory recording of the new state you have created. There are lots of different ways you can "Anchor" a state and NLP is Fun has many posts on it right here on this NLP Blog.

You see, once you have shifted your Physiology you have changed your state. The more you practice with this the better you will become at it.

The beauty of it for me is knowing you can be doing this in your head in 4 minutes.
I hope you have enjoyed 10 steps that powerfully transform your emotions in 4 minutes, I wonder how you are getting on with this NLP exercise now,

let me know and enjoy the other many helpful NLP and Hypnosis posts on NLP is Fun Blog.

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