Friday, November 26, 2021

Happy Thanks Giving Thanks | NLP is Fun

Happy Thanks giving. I am grateful for so much. Today as Everyday all day. 
I am giving Thanks for my beautiful family and great friends. 

Students and Clients alike who are like family always.
I am grateful to have been blessed to do what i love and to have impacted the lives of many people for the better.

I am grateful always as a student and advocate of a. better life and improvement for myself and all. I am thankful for this.

I am grateful that to be kind and loving is a choice always no matter what.

I aspire to always choose it.

I am grateful, for all I have overcome and mastered in my own life and have been able to share my philosophies of mind mastery with so many other people.

I am grateful for how Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic programming have changed my life in profound and exciting ways and continue to be my love and my staple for over 25 years now.

Divine Nature | NLP is Fun | Snow in Las Vegas 

I am humbled and grateful for my understanding of consciousness and my qualified mastery of energy technologies. 

I am grateful for my 30-year journey as a Healer and Shaman for being a practitioner of Massage therapies, Hypnotherapy, Healing touch, Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Crystal Jeweler blessing and making, healing and Holistic Healing to name but a few.

I am grateful for having an open heart.

I am grateful to have taught so many to open their heart and how this transformed their whole experience. Relationships, circumstances.

I am grateful for all the resources available to me with my beautiful mind and heart connected and being brave enough to trust my Intuition for good of all.

I am grateful I learned how to love myself, I am thankful for internal peace and oneness with amazing Nature.

I am grateful for my connection and understanding of Almighty God, The Field, The Universe, The Unconscious Mind, the great I Am, and All that it ..

I am Thankful. I am grateful for so much more
How about you, what are you Thankful for I bet you have so many things too.

And last and definitely not ever least. I am Thankful to you Thank you for being a part of my NLP is Fun blogging journey.

From my heart to yours.

Happy Thanks giving Thanks 

Nadia x

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