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Speaking in Absolutes | NLP is Fun | Neuro linguistic programming

Neuro Linguistic programmers believe and overstand "The Truth of the Matter" is that it just may turn out that "Truth" is a version of a person's subjective reality.

What a person repeatedly does is an unconscious construct based on their habitual beliefs that they demonstrate as truth.

May be absolute Certain, unshakable truth to them. To a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming, it is that persons "Map of Reality". 

"The Map is not the Territory"| NLP is Fun | Nadia NLP 

Dr of Philosophy Robert Anton Wilson also added that it is more effective to let go of speaking in Absolutes.

Like: "This is True ... You are an Idiot if you do not know this etc." Type of "Frames" in conversation.

Instead, you could say:

"One might say, I believe that ______"

"I have found that _______"

"It seems to me ______"

And while we are on the subject he suggests:

"The Thinker Thinks" and "The Prover Proves" for instance:

If you believe it enough, you are more likely to adopt it as Truth and Prove it to whomever. Which you may believe validates your "truth".

And any person can do this.
This is why a Scientist can prove her own Bias. Journalist and Bestselling Author Lynne McTaggart wrote in "The Intention experiment" that it turns out a Scientist becomes a part of (Entangled) in his own experiment.

It may be his beliefs influence his result; she proves the result she expects. Each one may prove what they believe. It turns out all of this may be "Subjective reality"

As NLP Practitioners we have already learned that "The Map is not the Territory" 

Author and Biologist Rupert Sheldrake may add the Morphogenetic resonance of your thought influences (Changes) the outcome.

Perhaps the structures of your expectations show up in all of your behaviors. Like "The observer Effect" in Quantum Physics of Changing a particle into a wave (Double slit experiment).

Like Energy Technologies Author and Master Trainer Richard Bartlett D.O uses for his Matrix Energetix to transform any Matter.

As an "NLP'er" we are interested in all beliefs that support the highest probable outcome for our client.

so, the question may be How is having that belief helping them to achieve their outcome.
As long as it is helping them to get where they want to be and not hurting another person's ecology there is no need to challenge it. perhaps we can agree on something else if we disagree. we can agree they are allowed to believe what they like even if it is about us. Can we not?

I am curious, what are your thoughts about this? How do you feel? Do you believe this may be true in some way or do you know for sure this is Rubbish?

I encourage your feedforward.

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