Thursday, November 4, 2021

What will you create Next | NLP is Fun

Students of Neuro Linguistic Programming learn how to become flexible in how they perceive reality. As NLP Practitioners we have learned that "The Map is not the Territory" and although something may seem "static and immovable" anything can most certainly be Improved at some level. Neuro Linguistic Programmers by now have discovered our Attitude (State) predicts our flexibility and how willing we may be to discover alternatives.

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Our Beliefs will help us or hinder us depending on how willing we may be to transform beliefs that prevent us in achieving our outcome. 

Quite simply, a belief is a construct nothing more or less. A belief is construct that has either been installed by others or ourselves, and all of our actions are a demonstration of our beliefs. 

The more information a person has, the more stimulation a person has in constructing, strengthening or deconstructing their belief.

The source of information is important and perhaps state dependent. Like attracts like which is great if you are always evolving you will seek an expansion of your knowledge.
The person with the most flexibility wins, and you will find the more you can maneuver through obstacles consistently and become adept at being creative and flexible the more choices you will find as a vehicle to achieve your goal.

Mental drills and mental rehearsal that takes place within your own mind are the field of unlimited potential and multiple choice. With your very own mind, everything is possible with that being said, what will you create.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder as well as the other contributing Founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming have created a vast ground work for us to make our very own playground.  It is up to us to indulge all of our sensory awareness into creating new experiences that make our own toes, curl back with pleasure.

How much time are you spending on creating something you will love for yourself, there are infinite possibilities when you turn your attention inward and create something else.

Bruce Lee said become  like water.  

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