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10 Tips for Powerful NLP Mental Drills | NLP is Fun | Neuro linguistic Programming

Welcome to NLP is Fun Blog. Todays Neuro linguistic programming tip is about: 

"10 Tips for powerful NLP Mental Drills" ?

Have you thought about what will happen once you finally get whatever it is you want ?
In order to achieve this you must practice going inside and connecting to yourself. The benefits of leaning how to do this are endless.

5 reasons to connect with yourself NLP is Fun

Well today you will learn how to experience and perfect it using NLP Mental drills.
The best part about this is the flexibility you have to design exactly what you want in your mind so that you get is exactly the way you love it.

As a Neuro Linguistic programming Trainer I "Mind read" you are taking advantage of the wealth of resources available to you with Neuro Linguistic programming patterns.
Remember on NLP is Fun Blog you can enjoy over 300 NLP fully loaded and resourceful posts right here on the blog.

You may know there are so many NLP Patterns that are tried and tested and instantly will change your Neurology and how you perceive the world, yourself and your experience.

This is super important since as an NLP Practitioner you know you can experience this right now.
Just by "Stepping in to and acting as if" you can use powerful mental drills that design the sensory impact of your experience.
You can create just about any experience using NLP.

This is important for you as an NLP'er to train your Unconscious mind to expect to succeed in each of your goals. If you want to use NLP to practice and Improve your own Mental drills I have put together the following step by step outline for you to enjoy. If you are ready, let us begin:

NLP Mental Drills Exercise:

1) Connect with your Intention / Outcome
It is truly essential to get clear and develop a space of high expectation and achievement for yourself. The best way to guarantee this is by already having created your "Well Formed Outcomes click here to read this post

2) Go inside of yourself - bring all of your attention to the inner you.
Your mind is very good at this even if to begin with it seems impossible, the more you connect to yourself and notice what is going on inside you, the more you will be able to control your state.

3) Notice yourself slowing your breathing down as slowly as you possibly can - Just focus on your breathing while saying "I can slow my breathing down".

4) Create a flow of your slow breathing that is like a gentle wave that flows naturally.
If you begin to visualize this as an actual wave it is more likely to help you focus on turning it into a natural flow.

5) Begin to feel even better and slow your heart rate down in the same way. 
The mind and body are a cybernetic loop. The Mind can control the body, the body can control the mind.
This usually happens out of consciousness. Now you are Influencing your body with your mind, which is normal and natural. you have the power to do this and it has historically been done for hundreds and probably Thousands of years.

Your mind is very good at this even if to begin with it seems impossible, the more you connect to yourself and notice what is going on inside you, the more you will be able to control your state.

6) Wrap all of your thoughts into a safe blanket and give them to a Unicorn with wings for safe keeping.
Assign a colorful, fun, interesting and soothing thought keeper that allows you to feel safe letting your thoughts go for the time being.

7) Focus on the clarity of your mind.
Get clear with yourself and create a space of high expectation and achievement for yourself. The bolder, the better,

8) Present your outcome and you receiving it notice in detail, what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel.
Here is where Representation systems and submodalities bring your mental drills to like.
Richard Bandler says your Experience / life will be a reflection of your internal representations.
Rich Mental Drills / Rich Experiences (That you love and give you pleasure).
"Act as if" it is actually happening now Click here to learn more about this 

9) Sit with this and notice your ecology and how this fits with your over all higher functioning.
Where are the key people and external processes in your life, does everything fit together. do they approve and support etc.
Test, Check and correct. this will make a massive difference to your ongoing unconscious motivation strategy.

10) Connect yourself to this mental drill in great detail at least 3 times a day managing to keep your state (Breathing and Heart rate relaxed and slow) as you do so.
Practice and chunk down as much as you like until you achieve the ability to experience powerful mental drills.

Most of all the more you connect to your unconscious design and process the more chance you have to work out any kinks quickly and easily and achieve it faster.

Bonus tip if you like create and chain an Anchor find out how to use NLP here for Chaining Anchors 
I am curious as to how easily this has worked for you, remember there are still more than Three Hundred Blog posts left to read on NLP is Fun which one will you choose next ?

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